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Hey, I would've posted a reply under Jessica's post that has like 11 billion response pages but I figured it mihgt get lost in the shuffle. I need some advice. I popped this big zit and ended up getting a nasty red/open staph infection on my face. so I went to the doctor and got some oral antibiotics. In the meantime, I've also been taking acne-vitamin supplements and healthy doses of fish oil (o-mega 3's). ALSO I have a cleanser called "MyChelle Cranberry Cleanser" and a face peel called "MyChelle Amazing Pumpkin Peel" both are natural products made for acne prone skin...and both are just amazing. I also have a "Skin clearing serum" by the same company (MyChelle). So anyways, the combo of antibiotics, vitamins, the face washes, and my daily/nightly moisturizer of Neosporin...and I've been basically CURED. I mean, I've been floating on Cloud 9 all month just SO happy. So anyways, then I get to that time of the month and I start to break out a bit (I also had stopped the antibiotics) and so I wasn't sure which one was causing the breakouts...well...in typical me-style I decided to give the bottle of Benzaclin I had lying around a try to see if it would control the acne ...so I stopped using my face washes and the neosporin for a few days and tried the Benzaclin and well...it didn't work. So I then stopped the Benzaclin and went back to my old wys....things cleared up again (this was a few days ago). Anyways, I'm wondering if since I was off the neosporin and stuff for a a few days (only a few...like, two maybe)...if that would affect my results? Becuase all of a sudden now I'm starting to breakout in odd places (like the bridge of my nose) and I even have this rashy looking (though I'm convinced its like 7 small zits) thing on my cheek (where the infection was but has since healed). I'm so confused/scared that its going to all go down the drain from here!!! I can't imagine Im allergic to neosporin since this is the like 2nd tube I'm on...and I can't imagine that I suddenly am breaking out because of 2 days of Benzaclin...though who knows, right? Any ideas ANYONE? Could the combo of acne face washes with neosporin be too much for mjy skin and aggrevating it????? I always thought of neosporin as the "nice" part of my routine to sort of counteract any harshness of the washes and to sort of mosturize.

ahh I feel like crying I've been so great up until now....please help me someone. Any advice??????


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I'm not on the Jessifoliation regimen, but I do know that switching cleansers or even routines (like if I switch the order in which I use products) can cause a minimal breakout.

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