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100% tca on ebay $5.99 with kit

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lol is this good stuff? comes with a full kit.. sounds nice :)


I don't recomment that seller one bit.

Those pictures that are included tells the true story. It says that the woman in the photos had a TCA Peel to "remove severe acne scars" and paid a surgeon "$1,500" and she was "so thrilled" with the results.


A TCA peel will not "remove" severe acne scars, it won't do anything for them.

Secondly, if that peel was done by a Plastic Surgeon then he must have very shaky hands as if you look at the pic, some of the acid gets on her lips and almost into her mouth.

The fact of the matter is, she does no have severe acne scarring, nor did she pay a plastic surgeon $1,500 for the TCA peel. What she did was, she sent pictures of herself doing a peel to the seller, using the sellers acid, so she would get free products.

The seller makes up the rest of the story.

It's almost criminal...

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i wouldn't trust that seller for the simple reason that most sellers demand around the 50-60$ for that. Either that person robbed someone or is selling distilled water. Furthermore, 100% TCA is NOT to be put on the whole face under any circumstances (unless you want your face to MELT) contrary to the pictures shown there.

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Hi, that is the seller I purchased my tca 100% from. Seems pretty strong. It was the second batch I ordered. The first one I ordered was from someone else and it seemed weak. I am in no way affiliated with the seller but her feedback is good and I thought the product was good as well. Shipped really fast. Comes in a very small bottle which is a good size for letting a toothpick soak. I am not endorsing her but I was happy with the tca I purchased. I also got a kit which contains glycolic. I havn't tried it yet.

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the glycolic was the smartest thing i ever done lol.. i had red marks everywhere and after 5 microderms and about 10+ peels that i did myself... i have no marks left.... just shallow areas.

What exactly is tca cross? just an acid you rub all over your face ?

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