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Bad results with skin culture peel,PLEASE REPLY maya

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I broke out quite severely using the skin culture peel 3000.I am therefore afraid to use peels now,what peel would anyone recommend that wouldnt cause breakouts.I have atrophic scarring.Thanx :)

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Was it a glycolic or lactic acid peel? I currently use lactic acid peels and have rarely experienced any breakouts from the peel. Also acidic peels exfoliate the top layer of skin, so if you have pimples that are coming to a head the chemical peel might speed up the process.

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Guest Scorpioness

Just my 2 cents..................

I did the Skin Culture Peelaway 4000 peel about two and a half years ago and it was a really bad experience for me as well. It was the first peel I had ever tried. It turned my skin brown and hard for several days, broke me out, and then the peeling lasted about seven days. I could not handle the downtime, and I tried to scrub off the peeling skin (BIG NO NO) out of impatience, and my scars were made worse because of it. The white 'moisterizing' goop you have to put on to loosen the peel has tons of mineral oil in it... which I am sure was part of what was breaking me out... plus the hardening of the skin with that brown paste traps in sebum.

The lactic acid peels are so much simpler.... it's a clear solution...you just put it on, wait a minute or more, according to the directions, wash it off and there's really no down time and the peeling is pretty mild. Maybe start with a 30 percent and do a test patch first.

Good luck!


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I had pretty much the same experience as Scorpion_Vixen

The active ingredients in the Skin Culture Peel are Resorcinol and Phenol

I really recommend the lactic peels - there is NO downtime. The skin culture peels actually created some new scarring for me - I think it's a con.

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Guest Cubsfan

i bought the peelaway 4000, used one jar, it really broke me out bad and experienced too many side-effects. Chucked out the rest in the bin...what a waste of money :)

skin culture sux pass it on....

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I did this skin culture 4000 I got no results and had to shut myself away from the world for 1.5 weeks, all I got was very depressed.

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