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Im go n on vaca in a month any way to get rid of scars really fast???/ lasers??/

Has anyone done smoothbeam? Is it really that bad? Will it make me breakout even more at first? What about Vbeam? Whats the best way to shrink my pores and get rid of my scars and few left over cysts deep under my skin? IM thinking some sort of laser is best. I just dont know wich are for real and which are phoney. OMGsh plus im going on vaca on june 28th so that gives me a month and a half. do u think i can get rid of my scars by then? :wall:

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Sorry but you're dreaming if you think you can get rid of your scars in a few weeks. People (me included) and been trying to do that for years.

Don't decide on any procedure out of pressure and thinking you will get a "quick fix" or you might end up worse than you started.

Read this board and people's different experiences carefully before you decide to do anything.

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Dont jump into anything too quick. Heres my thoughts..

Just about every treatment requires careful consideration both in time, emotional energy and money. You should read up on peoples experiences and then if you decide to try something do a test patch wherever possible.

Last thing you want to do is make your skin worse from bad treatments or treatments that do not work well for your skin.

The only thing i can suggest for a possible 'quick(ish) fix' is maybe restylene or perlylene. These are fillers which can be injected into the scars to temp fill them out. The filler breaks down over time and is generally out of the system by 6 months to 1 year, depending on how quickly you absorb it.

You MUST go to a good cosmetic surgeon, do your research. An experienced cs is less likely to over or underfill the scars (overfill can create lumps, underfill will do nothing). Lumps sometimes can be felt under the skin but gen break down. The results are instant with this treatment but not permanant. If you want something in such short notice this may be the thing for you (of course will not give perfect skin but may give you a confidance boost). JUST RESEARCH UR CS WELL BEFORE HAND.

The cost will vary and i wouldnt want to estimate.

good luck and even if you go on holiday and have done nothing scar treament wise, dont let it override your enjoyment :)

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