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My Success on this Regimen

It has been 6 months now and when i started id have to say i had pretty bad acne. Nothing that i couldnt face every morning but like all of you guys, i had my good days and bad days. I finally said enough is enoguh with retin cream and just "washing my face with soap" like my dad would say. I decided that my face doctor (cant remember the word) wasnt doing anything good for me, so thats what brought me here and im so glad that i found it. I started Dan's Regimen 11/21 and its coming up on the six month mark and im 99% clear. My face looks SOOO much better now and i only have to deal with occassional SMALL, 1 here 1 there breakouts (most likely due to stress and rubbing face). I am so happy now and much more confident.

So heres my regimen and i would def. reconmend it for anyone who has had enough and doesnt want to go to the extreme of accutane.

Wash Morning - was hands with dove soap (get all dirt off), Use Cetaphil Face Cleanser. Then apply Benzoyl Peroxide 2 mins afterwards after drying your face. Apply Cetaphil Lotion if face is dry. (when first starting your regimen your face will adapt to the bp, which means it will get very RED and dry. However, stick through those 2 weeks because it is very worth it.

Wash Evening- Do the same thing as in the morning.

I also take a pill i think its called xyciline or something like that. You take it with Breakfast and Dinner and that was the key i think for me. You have to be careful to sun exposure but THATS it.

Hope you all enjoy the success that i did. Good luck


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