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So nearly four months ago I decided it was time for me to quit using BP and I figure some people here might be interested in the results.

I'm almost 23 years old (male), and for nearly 2 years I'd been using cetaphil to wash, bp all over face, then moisturize. It worked well, with only the occasional pimple. Unfortunatley, it dried my skin out a lot when playing sports. After working out and showering, I would have to put moisturizer on right away or else my

I thought maybe it was time to see how my body would cope without it. Inspired by Jan_Carlo's thread, I went to only using warm water morning/night.

It started out great, first two weeks I had no new pimples and my skin looked better than ever. Then the first pimples appeared. Since then, it's been a long, grueling road. A couple of times I would use some product for a few days such as clean & clear deep action cleanser, but they would dry out the skin too much. Two months in I used this Emu Oil bar soap for about 3 weeks, but it dried out my skin a little too much and at the time I didn't think it helped. Looking back on it though, I think it did help a bit.

Now, four months later, my skin has started to calm down. I've reverted to using cetaphil cleanser 2x a day. I've got some annoying big red marks on the cheeks that have been there for about three months. They're fading, but very slowly. I use Neutrogena Healty Skin lotion (w/ AHA) and polysporin on them.

I have 3 smaller pimples near the jaw line and one near the nose, but using the bp to spot treat they don't last that long.

I'm hoping the storm has passed and now it's in recovery mode. I haven't had any "biggies" come in for a while now, and hopefully it stays that way.

Summary: If I had to go back and do it again, I might but would definitely transition off of BP a lot slower. Instead of just quitting outright, I would stick with the cetaphil cleanser, and maybe just use BP at night. Then after a few months of that, maybe use BP every other day, then every 3 days, and then finally only to spot treat. The biggest problem, I think, is that my skin forgot how to fight for itself, and I did the equivalent of quitting it cold turkey. It's been very annoying and disappointing breaking out like this for the past few months, especially at the age of 23. Unfortunately, I know it's going to be at least another 2-3 months until everything is back to normal.

Eventually I plan to quit cetaphil cleanser and use just water again, but that won't be happening until everything is cleared up.

One final observation that I noticed, my forehead, which early on was pretty bad. As a sort of test, I didn't use BP to spot treat any pimples on the forehead. Curiously, it's now clear. The areas on my cheeks where I used BP to spot treat, are probably the worse. It seems that using BP, even a little bit, can set you back a while. I still find myself using it on some new pimples that pop up though because it does help them go away faster, even though I know I'll probably pay for it in the long run. This is probably where I should be using some other product such as apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil.

So there you have it, four months of a bad complexion summed up in a few paragraphs. If anyone has any questions, ask away.

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So you "quit" everything altogether, and were using just water. What happened to that? What I gather is that now you're washing with Cetaphil, using an AHA lotion, using Neosporin, and spot treating with BP. You've complicated it more it seems, the CSR is much simpler than that.

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So you "quit" everything altogether, and were using just water. What happened to that? What I gather is that now you're washing with Cetaphil, using an AHA lotion, using Neosporin, and spot treating with BP. You've complicated it more it seems, the CSR is much simpler than that.

Using just water was great for about two weeks, then the first breakout occurred. After that it was pretty consistent for a while.

After about a month of using just water I went to that clean & clear deep cleanser (for sensitive skin) stuff. Used it for maybe 2-3 weeks. Then I quit it and used just emu oil soap. After that I went to back to cetaphil, which is what I'm using now.

So yeah, I've complicated it quite a bit. I'm hoping to go back to just water soon, as I don't seem to be getting new pimples anymore. It's a tough call though, because anything positive that I see now may be the result of many factors. I always find myself wondering what the situation would be now if I'd stuck to just water all this time. Maybe it'd be better, maybe worse. Who knows.

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Hey booster, your condition seems pretty mild. Considering you'ev been dependent on BP, your skin probably adjusted to the drier condition caused by BP and learn to moisturize itself a little more than you need. So if you're going to stop using BP you'll probably need to do it slowly by adding a fruit acid product like AHAs to keep your pores unclogged so bacteria wont build up. I'm trying to get away from BP also. But i've been on it for over 10 years. Im sure it has some detrimental on my skin. Instead of just droppin BP off completely, I'm going to gradually replace it with a Trioxil, a more natural antibacterial product. So my skin can repair itself.

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^Smiles1, you say you've been using BP for about 10 years and now you would like to switch over to Trioxil so your skin can 'repair itself'. What exactly is the damage, if you don't me asking?

I used BP some time before too and the after-effects were terrible. Anyway, I'm just curious about this.

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The damage you can do with aggressive products is removing the natural skin barrier of the skin.

Naturally, your skin has some sort of barrier, a coating that has really good antibacterial resistance qualities and keeps your skin smooth. It's constantly renewed by the sebum that the skin creates and has this low ph acid value. It contains a lot of good bacteria that kill bad bacteria.

When using aggressive products you can diminish this layers making the natural 'protecting function' of the body less strong and you at one hand use strong products that work anti septicly (kill bacteria) but at the same time you take away a very usefull treatment that already helps your acne a lot. That's why in the long run, or even after a few weeks your skin get worse, or a sortof changing acne. For example, your skin could normally have just a certain amount of big zits and when you start using products, after a while you tend to get smaller zits, but much more or more frequent. My explanaition would be that at first, during the forming off small clogs/infections your skin is not strong enough to prevent it becoming a pimple but as soon as it reaches the surface more the products start killing it by stripping away the skin for example (the exfoliating that nearly every acne product does). I think this is more or less what happened to me over the past few years and I do wonder where I would be if I wouldn't have touched any acne products and would have just washed my face once a day with a mild ph neutral soap and once a day with water.

Edit: I'm not sure if I was right here above. It is true that your skin barrier already does a great job of protecting your body and that topicals can damage it (and thus it's effectiveness). Anyway, here is a good piece about the initial breakout: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=98464

When you instantly quit using BP there is basically nothing that prevents 'cloggings' to get infected because your skin barrier is totally removed and you're not using any products either.

I definitaly recommend getting of BP very slowly. I did it too after being on a twice a day BP regimen and it hit me hard. There will always be some breaking out but by building off slowly you can keep results more acceptable. What I personally would do now is going from twice a day to once a day and washing as little as possible with cleansers, just water and using BP once a day afterwards.

Then I also wouldn't use any AHA or BHA or retinoids products because they all strip your skin and eventually, if the product works well, keep your total skinlayer thinner (this how these products work; because the skin is so thinned out and gets renewed faster it's harder to get cloggings). I'd try to go for the milder low ph value (3,5 or 4 or smth) moisturizers or natural anti septic products like tea tree oil and maybe jojoba or emu oil.

Anyway, I'd try to strip the skin as little as possible by using cleansers because cleansers really wash your face, you're basically trying to take as much of your face as possible (dirt, oil/sebum, bacteria). So everytime when washing your face with this stuff your skin gets a big hit. I'd rather just only add stuff with low ph values and hope that like this the skin barrier gets back into shape. This is the reason why some people and companies recommend ph neutral or low ph products; to not vary too much from your skinbarriers ph so you keep it in shape as good as possible -> balanced.

Ph neutral by the way doesn't necessarily mean it's good for your skin, it just means the product is more neutral than other products to your skinbarriers ph value. Ph neutral products mostly are between 5 and 6 ph.

Normal non ph neutral products can have ph values up to 12 or something.

Another problem with a lot of ph neutral products (at least in my country) is that they contain a lot of sodium laureth sulfate, an ingredient that actually damages the skin barrier up to some level (I don't know how bad exactly). I know that washing with these soapless washingbars makes my skin always quite dry, it feels stripped, which can't be good. The cleansingbars Dan recommends in his product/treatment rating section seem pretty good though.

I myself currently use a 3,5ph facewash which I got through my skin therapist which is very, very mild, it's not even foamy and really feels like it doesn't strip your skin. I can't even find the product online myself though, not even a site of the company. I can only get it through my skin therapist herself ;(.

But there are good options out there, most are pretty expensive, like Paula's choice products seem to be really good.

Again I give this link, just because it has good guides. I don't buy products myself from here since they are really expensive and also will require a lot of shippincosts to my country.


for example check out the guides "battle plans for dry skin", "understanding exfoliants" and "battle plans for blemishes". I just checked that last guide about blemishes and I personally wouldn't start with those whole optional 6 step regimens off their products. That's not really the point here and it's not what you want. I recommend that you'll be skeptical when reading these guides and always try to find information at other places too. Something that you'd actually should always do, especially with cosmetics since everyone wants to sell their stuff and even normal customers like you and me can go really enthusiastic about certain products just because it works so well for them and got rid of a big deal of their problems (what we all want of course ;)).

Oh and another edit.

I'm currently doing red and blue acne therapy light treatment, during my quite heavy regimen with BP, AHA and retinaldehyde.

You might want to check this out for yourself. I've been on it for 40 days and it takes 90 days to see real decent results so I'm hanging in there. My ideal would also be that I eventually quit all the products and will just have to wash, shave and do a lighttreatments a few times a week. These lighttherapy machines can get quite expensive though, from 50$ for a lamp with clamp (I'd recommend two though) up to 300$ for a lightbox or even more. Anyway, be skeptical and think twice. Maybe it's just best to try to get very skinfriendly first and if you like it but don't get the desired effects yet you can always try this later on. At least you have enough time to think about this stuff since I think you should atleast give your skin like 3-5 months recovering from all the products while you slowly decrease the usage of them.

Just search the forums for; "blue and red", "light treatment", "light therapy", "acne light" etc.

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Thank you Yake,

I couldn't have said it any better. Those are some of the reasons why i want to stop using BP. Plus a couple more reasons. By stripping away the skin's natural barriar, it not only looses it's abillity to fight bacteria but causes the skin to produce excess sebum and oil, which in turn cloggs your pores and causes breakout if those pores are not unclogged or sanitized. So it's like vicious cycle. We kill the P.acne bacteria but causes our skin to clogg up easier, so we use an acid like AHAs or BHAs to strip away the skin even more to unclogg those pores, which leaves our skin unprotected and vulnerable to the sun. So we become dependant on sunscreen. Before we know it we're using over 5 different products on the skin when none of that is even necessary if we never started BP in the first place.

Another negative of BP would be the increases of melanin on the skin. The higher the melanin content the longer the red marks will last. Not only is it an annoyance but contributes to the gradual builldup of hidious marks on the face, which can last for years. How you go about to battle these red marks alone is another topic. Again adds to the visious cycle.

The funny thing is the least of my concern right now is long term use of BP can cause cancer. I don't know how good the source is but here's a couple link for that;



and this one says that glycolic acid can be bad for the skin too : O


Maybe I should create a new post for this?

Hey yake, I also neutralize my skin's PH but with a simple rinse of diluted Apple cidar Vinegar wash. As simple as it sounds, this has made a big difference in controlling acne.

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Thought I might as well give an update since it's been almost a month now.

I went back to using only water. If I had a pimple somewhere, I'd use a little bit of bp on it and that's it. For the first week I had a bit of a bad break out, then it went away (quite fast) and I'd been fine for nearly 2 1/2 weeks with not a single breakout in that time. Then, just this past tuesday, I broke out in a couple of spots. A few reasons this might be is

1. I'd been to the beech on sunday and was out in the sun all day with very little sun screen. Might have caused some skin damage.

2. The break outs are in spots where the old ones had been. It's possible that that whatever clogged the pores before is still around. Even more probable is that when I'd used bp to spot treat them, I killed off the good bacteria and left the skin defenseless for a few days while it regenerated. What I'm seeing now could be the result of the pores getting clogged two weeks ago or so.

That said, it's really not that bad. I have one pretty visible pimple on the cheek, but that's it. The others that broke out on tuesday are already gone and faded (although right now I feel a new one coming in on my chin). My red marks from way back and still fading all by themselves. I'd thought they hadn't faded much until I saw a picture of myself from 2 1/2 months ago. At the rate they're fading, they'll be gone soon.

All in all, the water only plan is going pretty good right now. I'm also drinking lots of water (partly because I work out a lot though), which may or may not help.

I'll update again in a week or so if I remember.

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hi. i'm jan carlo. i just read the first post, too lazy for the others, but i'm just going to say that water isn't an active ingredient - it's not doing anything to cure acne, it's merely mildly removing whatever's supposed to not be in the skin, out --- MILDLY.

now, how do you think would that help?

it would be an exchange to all the products such as BP that causes extra damages to the skin that in the long run, would promote acne worser, and of course, cause extra things such as extreme dryness, and etc.

your acne will almost and mostly likely NEVER be cured with medications alone (except for Accutane, but there's a different story behind that)

bad move though to switch to water ahead - you didn't read my post entirely.

medication --> transition product --> water

two weeks isn't enough dude.

took me 6 months to notice a significant change (2 months is where i saw visual improvement)

10 months to reach the 1 pimple a month stage.

...just saying...

(by the way, for you others, click the link on my sig to reach my thread, or find it in the forum. you'll see it, because it has the most posts in this section :D)

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I went cold turkey too off the BP, and it was great for the first week. My skin was dry, but my red marks were faded, and nothing was growing at all. In the morning I'd wash with C+C Daily Pore Cleanser, and at night, after a shower, same thing.

Then, it hit. I've been getting tons of little whiteheads all over my chin. I can usually spot 5 or 6 forming by night. They grow around my nose, too. Weird thing is though, none have formed on my cheeks at all.

So I'm washing my face in the morning, usually using a bit of water/appler cider vinegar, using C+C Blackhead cleanser in the shower, (heard it's good for fading red marks), then vinegar after the shower.

We'll see how it goes. I'm about my 2nd week into this.

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