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is it important to use a moisturiser with AHA in, because dan did recommend it because the eucerin moisturiser had this didnt it?

i found this moisturiser in my boots store:

Neutrogena Visibly Refined Pore Refining Moisturiser:

Neutrogena Pore Refiningâ„¢ Cream SPF 15 is a daily moisturizer that visibly reduces the appearance of pores for smooth, even-looking skin. It also helps prevent future sun damage.

A breakthrough stabilized formula, it works continuously to make pores look smaller. Retinol, the purest form of Vitamin A, works deep within skin’s surface. It visibly reduces the appearance and size of pores and refines skin’s texture. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid eliminates dull surface skin that can make skin look rough and uneven. Parsol 1789ý protects skin from UVA raysâ€â€which cause premature signs of aging, and UVB raysâ€â€which cause sunburn.

Skin is smoother, more even  in just two weeks.


Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)



Patent pending formula

to me this sounds too good to be true and im not sure if it is for acne/oily prone skin?

so has anybody used this before and experienced a change in thier skin?

because ive never used BP in the mornings and only use it at night so i wanted something to use in the mornings (which is not BP), that is slightly medicated to help clear my skin, which this moisturiser might be because of the AHA...

theres also the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with spf 15 which somone else was considering which seems very similar to the one ive mentioned above...

or shall i just use a normal moisturiser which has no medicated indgriedients in it at all such as the cetaphil but im not sure about doing this, because it has no medicated indgriedients this might give the acne bacteria time to build back onto my skin?

ive been on panoxyl 5% for 3 months now and my skin colour has gone dark with many scars still left

i still get white heads and a pimple like 1 every day, overall my skin looks un even, rough, patchy, dry and very oily in my t zone

so by using the Neutrogena Visibly Refined Pore Refining Moisturiser which has AHA this might sort out the problems i am having with my skin...

any suggestions?

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lmao, don't bother reading what it says, they're always some sell job that's bullshit..


1. 2.5% panoxyl at night

2. cetaphil cleanser

3. any oil-free moisturizer with AHA

4. 2.5% panoxyl in morning

don't go by brands or what it says on the package except for Cetaphil and neutrogena you can trust. that's about it. just use as much 2.5% panoxyl as you can. because it's more powerful than the 5% and 10%

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just use as much 2.5% panoxyl as you can. because it's more powerful than the 5% and 10%

How can 2.5 panoxyl be more powerful than 5%? OK, it may be less irritating, but how can it be more powerful? I have used Panoxyl 5% with great success but when I tried 2.5 the acne came straight back.

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