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Fantasy of Falling


ok so this week i had this red dot at the side of my mouth. Im used to red dots, i thought it was a zit. so i didnt think too much of it. The when it started to itch, I payed more attention. Soon it grew huge, then itched and burned. I thought maybe it was a bug bite. then a couple hours later it spread to the other side of my mouth. And i have tiny little blisters all over my lips. I told my parents and they took me to a docter.I got medicine to make it go away. But I guess i touched it and then touched my eyelid and now i have little blisters on my eyelid. Im so scared it will spread and make me go blind! and that is possible, i read it online. I feel so disgusting, the cold sore is yellow and orange and crusty.Its so gross. Has any one here ever had a cold sore? I had about 15 people come up to me to talk then stop in mid sentence- "OMG what happened to your face!?" As if having acne isnt bad enough.

I really dont want to become blind im scared to death.

If anyone here has ever had a cold sore, how long did it last. and how many times did it ever come back a year?

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i use to get them on my lips, not huge through, and it never spread like yours did. they lasted for like a week for me.

i started using carmex like everyday a year ago, haven't gotten a cold sore since

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calm down.

i think most people get cold sores... like 90% of the population lol

use Blistex Lip Oitment and remember to always keep your lips moisturized, have a healthy diet and keep yourself stress free.

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