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Viterola A

Never heard of it. But hey, Im looking at your regimen, and Im on a similiar diet as you. I hear red tea is great for helping acne, just to let you know, and where do you purchase Chinense herbs to remove bacteria from your systems? Just curious....oh and how are you doing with Diacneal, I am thinking of starting using it, but how long have you been using it, and have you seen any results with it in accordance to fading/getting rid of redmarks?

Thanks man

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hey JJRED, Viterola A is suppose to be a new retinol product that uses nanotechnology, which helps get the retinol deeper into the skin than traditional methods. Supposely it's better than other retinol products out there? I've only been on Diacneal for two weeks and three days. I haven't had any irritations at all. But I think it's too early to tell for the redmarks or the overall improvement of my skin. I think BP ( I used everyday for over 10 years) is hindering the progress a little bit or it damaged my skin so much it'll probably take awhile before diacneal show any improvements for redmarks. So i have to eliminate Exposed Acne day serum from my regimen, which contians micronized BP. I'm a little reluctant and I like it because it has so many beneficial properties like green tea, tea tree oil, olive leaf extract, aloe vera, etc... it's like an all in one bottle. Buying all those ingredients individually could cost quite a bit and the time it'll take to put all that on? I hate to but I'm thinking about replacing the day serum with Trioxil, hardly anyone has heard of it. It's from the same company as Viterola A. It has some pretty good natural anti-bacterial properties. It seems like the best thing out there I could find with a good natural antibacterial and healing combination. I'm going to order it this monday and gradually fade my day serum from my regimen.

Last night I got a little impatient and threw on some Green Cream L6 all over my face. I'm going to start it reeeeeaaally slow like every few days or once a week, gradually work my way up to everyday and hope it doesn't break me out.

I never heard of red tea. Ill have to check that out. I use to drink a lot of green tea but when I found out that white is even better than green tea, i switched over. I was on white tea for a month and green tea for a few months prior to that. But I was still getting acne. I think the beneficial properties are too subtle to make any difference for my acne. But I drink it every morning at the office because i like it and it's convenient. We have a hot water dispenser on the coffee machine. I got my chinese herbs from my accunpunturist. She basically diagnosed me and told me what was wrong and she was pretty darn accurate. For example, She knew I had a pain in my left shoulder, which has nothing to do with acne. I just wanted to point out how good she is. Basially the herbs she gave me is to clean my liver, kidneys, and some other things. I'm sure you can talk to an herbalist or naturalpath and they can help concock something for you. I can find the ingredients for you if you like but you can't find the products or any informatin online. I tried a google of the ingredients but there was nothing out there. Plus, you probably dont have the same problems i do.

What's your regimen and how's your skin doing?

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