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Guest tired of this shish

Re: Extending medication

Guest tired of this shish

I've been on Doryx (tetracycline) for the past 2 months now. All I can say is that I got the results I was expecting before going on it. I was realistic about it because I knew it wouldn't be a total fix. It kept the swelling down, but the breakouts were still there. This is my dilemma:

I have acne scarring from older cystic acne that I want to get revised. I'm afraid of breaking out during my proceedures and I've noticed this problem frequently with people doing scar revision that they are not under some type of oral help before they go into it and start breaking out. I want to try my luck with my antibiotics, at least to keep it from getting worse. My antibios are currently causing me a big pain in the ass because just recently they haven't been working too well for me anymore and I'm getting all kinds of typical symptomatic feelings you usually get with antibio side-effects. Nothing too serious yet, but it almost feels like it's time for me to come off them. I can't have scar revision while on accutane and I was on it a long while ago. I'm tired of waiting so long, if I go on tane again I can't have revision done for another 6 months.

So my question is, should I extend my antibiotics anther 2-3 months, the length of time I'll need to have my proceedures done? Does anyone have experience on going on tane again almost immediately afterrevision? Would that null the effects of scar revision?

BTW: currently my breakouts aren't bad bad. Just a few medium red bumps here and there. It just feels as if my face is again under those conditions again pre-Accutane and it could potentially get worse.

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