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IM new to this site... and have become totally enthralled in many of your posts... I have always loved to write, and actually thank my acne for influencing me to seclude myself throughout most of my teen years, because when I chose to be alone, I wrote short stories, and journal entries to help me escape from reality...which I think ultimately improved my writing. I wrote my first post a few days ago, and someone suggested that because I like to write, I should put my experiences with depression linked to acne to good use, and write a diary like novel spotlighting a character that suffered from acne, and especially suffered with depression because of acne. My dream has always been to get something published...and because I have experienced acne depression myself, and I am poeticly inclined...I thought this writing subject would be perfect. And as all of you IM sure agree, people just dont understand how a few pimples could push us to the extent of depression or even suicide in some cases! I think that there should be a novel out there that really provides a window into the mind of an acne sufferer...because the problem is more than skin deep...and for kids that havent discovered this site yet, and feel completely alone, as I felt for so long, maybe such a story will help encourage them, and allow them to feel like they are not the only ones.

With all of that said, I need material for this story!!! I would appreciate it greatly if you guys would send me your true life stories concerning your struggles with acne...when you began to get it, how it has made you feel about yourself, about other people, your worst experiences, how you would feel if you were clear...and what you have done to get through it...also give me anything else you think would be good to incorporate into such a story. You can reply to this...but IM not sure I will find this post again, so I would prefer it if you guys could send me your stories, suggestions, advice to my email at [email protected] if you are a myspacer, my url is http://www.myspace.com/mandolina.

Thanks so much...and who knows, if this story ever goes any where...and I happen to make mula out of it, maybe I can donate it to acne research or something...haha...but il not let my farfetched dreams get the best of me, Il just see how it goes tomorrow!

I could probably just copy and paste your posts that allready exist, which I have allready done much of, but it would be even better if I could get something more direct.

Il be excited to hear from you guys.


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heya this is such a great idea i have spent the last few weeks writing a personal journal about everything related to acne and how it much more than a skin disorder.


it damages you emotionally and distroys your social life. its not just about the pimples, its not about the looks and the stares. its about jelously,comparasion and questions. why should we suffer with this when our best friend has perfect skin. i mean of course were gonna be jelous. why we hide away at night amd apply our topicals they are out having the time of thier lifes. the thing thats the most daunting is there is no cure. there maybe help.preventions and strict regimins but the only hope that a sufferer holds onto is that fact that any time soon they will grow out of it. but even sometimes that leaves you with scars and imperfections that could damages your skin forever. everyone suffers with problems but this is like wearing uglyness on your face.

THATS IT good luck with yours x x x x x x

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