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Septra is an antibiotic. I am against antibiotic as I am all prescription medications.

Antibiotics will not only kill off bad bacteria but they will kill good bacteria as well.

Your skin will get worse the first month. Then you will get better, but down the line your skin could get worse and other problems may occur due to low bacteria counts. Also if you really need antibiotics for a serious infection down the road they may not work.

I strongly suggest that you get PROBIOTICS. They are a natural good bacteria. They will fight bacteria. They have helped me more than anything else. Find out about taking these with the Septa if you decide to take it.

UDOs Choice are really good, Adult blend 8 diff types. Keep refrigerated. You should get them at a Health food store. They should be in the refridgerated chest. Good Luck. Feel free to ask any questions.

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Septra/Bactrim is one of the strongest antibiotics available as acne treatment. If you take it you need to carefully watch yourself during the first couple of weeks for any sign of allergic reaction - they are much more common with this type of antibiotic than others typically prescribed for acne. If you have ever had a reaction to a sulfa drug, stay away from this one.

I personally refuse to ever use antibiotics to address acne again.

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hi yes i know it is an antibiotic.i was just curious about it.i am against antibiotics too.ive tried them and they have progressivley become less effective...i have been on acidophilus for a week now.i am still breaking out tho!!i will give it more time..........

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I didn't find that acidophilus worked for me. The Udos choice is really good, it has 8 specific blends including 20% acidophilus. Also it contains 6 billion viable cells as opposed to acidophilus's average of 2 billion.

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mmm i see...as for vit b5 it worked for me the first time then the second time i went on it it didnt.also garlic done nothing for me before....isnt it a shame what works for one doesnt mean it works for all?..ahh the dreaded acne curse... :(

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