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question on dry skin ..

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i have, in the words of my doctor 'moderately severe' acne. i can keep it under some kind of cotrol if i shower twice a day with only water, change my pillow case every night, and dont let anything touch my face. altho i still get breakouts sometimes, its no where near as bad as when i used BP. like my cheeks are actually ok now but my chin is pretty bad, one nodule too but think that was one off (hope, lol).

anyways, using only water on face leaves it very dry. i did buy some eucerin and that is good for moisturising when needed, but there are still lots of flakes of dry skin on my face. all the moisturiser does is make them soft and wet but when it drys, or i shower again the skin is still there.

is this going to be a problem? you cant really see the dead skin so i dont really mind it but i know acne is caused by sebum mixing with dead skin so am i leaving it more likely to form a spot leaving dry skin on my face? im just worried to exfolifate or scrub it off, especially from my cheeks with only a few weeks old acne just waiting to get another chance to come out again.

need advice please. thanks.

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exfoliating isnt bad for the skin

if ur skin is too dry it will produce more oil to make up for the dryness and may cause more spots

id say exfoliate before you mosturise so the moisturiser isnt jus smoothing over the flaky skin

i use a dry toothbrush to really lightly exfoliate the dryness then moisturise..

remember the moisturiser shud be non comedogenic , oil free etc so it dusnt clog pores

:) do you use any acne treatments


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