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Success Over Dark Brown Acne Spots For Tan Skin

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Ok, it has been exactly a week now since I had my first derm appointment about my dark brown spots on my face and back. I am hispanic girl with tan/honey color skin so, I have mostly a hyperpigmentation problem. Before I have tried to use many over-the-counter skin lightening things with hydroquine in them, but results were slow and by the time I got rid of some dark spots I would have new ones.

I went to see my derm about this problem, she prescribed to me a few things, that I think are working, although it has only been a week so it is hard to tell.

First she did not prescribe me hydroquine, which I was quite surprised about actually. She prescribed me Tazorac - a bleaching cream, that you apply all over your face, not spot treat with. I had never heard of it before. So far I really like this stuff. I like the way it feels and how it goes on my skin. When I put it on, it feels like it is staying there all day and doing its job, unlike hydroqine. It also has no smell, does not really leave a residue.

Then she prescribed me a BP Wash (for my back) and a Benzoyl Gel, called Benziq. It the highest concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide I have ever used. BP never really worked on my skin, but maybe it is because I needed a higher concentration of it. I have tough skin. It has only been a week, and because of this stuff, my back has no active acne. This stuff is a little sticky though but it feels nice and it does not really seem to irritate. I think she gave me Tazorac to apply with this BP because, if you use Hydroqine with BP that slows up the fading process.

Then finally she gave me another oral prescription, a pill called Nicomide. I take it twice a day and this stuff is mostly to help any inflamatory acne from appearing. (I dont get whiteheads or anything, only nodules, maybe like 1 nodule every two weeks). This pill is mostly zinc oxide supplement.

My derm said that people in my situation need not to worry much about which cleanser we use. Just whatever one that cleans and we like. But she did say a Moisturizer with SPF 15, SPF 30 is best...is a must.

I hope my info helps those of you with tan or darker skin types who suffer mostly from dark spots. But again, my situation could be different, because I never really have active acne...if I do it is like one pimple. I success getting your acne under control first, then figuring out ways to get the dark spots to fade. Go see a derm first before wasting your money on random products that you are unsure of.


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