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I'm giving up on benzoyl peroxide!!!


iv been using it since november, and i kept telling myself it was working.. but IT BLOODY WELL ISNT.


the only slightly good thing its done is stopped my face from being shiny, but im suure its just causing more spots not preventing them grr. actually im not gonna stop using it, im just gona stop using it on my chin, cause it think it may be working everywhere else. yes. ok. good.

i think my bf is about to dump me cause im spotastic right now, but if he does then hes a twat and i dont care... rite? or do i? yes i do cause i thought he'd be more understandiing than that considering the state of his own face!

Im done rambeling!

Have a nice day!!!!!!

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What BP are you using, how much are you using, when are your using, what else are you using?

panoxyl gel ( know dans stuff is meant to be the best and stuff but i cant afford to order it...)

using only a little bit; yep its supposed to be loads right but using less is more effective to me, any more and face explodes :(

wen; used to be morning and nite, but now just nite cause getting better results that way..

am also using biore gentle exfoliating scrub in the morning which i LOOOVEEE

nivea visage oil free moisturising fluid after bp in the morning

pears soap and bio oil in evening

itsa bit of a weird regimen maybe... but have tried many many many other things and combinations but this lot definately working the best...so far...

but nyes considering just cutting out the bp cause the less and less iv been using it the better my skins got. I wanna cut it out all together but am worried that actually it is helping and then il realise that too late and have to start again and flake and go red and blah blah blah :wall:

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:l maybe you're allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide?

hey thats sucha good point!!

im allergic to many many things. i never thought of bp...

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Hm how severe is your acne? The CSR might not work if you have severe acne though.

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I know you said you can't afford Dan's BP, but I used to use PanOxyl and had the same problem, giving up on it, then decided to bite the bullet and fork out on the CSR Gel. The difference between the two is incredible... I can smother my face in Dan's Gel and get only minor redness and dryness... compared with PanOxyl's intense dryness from only a small amount.

If you are experiencing swelling or crusting of the skin though, you might well be allergic. Redness and flakiness however, you should seek to try another BP product in my opinion.

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