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hi everyone recently iv'e found that ive been getting a lot of small reddish spots on the sides of my face, they don't feel like regular spots that are sometimes sore and grow coz they have no feeling in them if u kno what i mean? they just stay small and red and i wanted to know if i was getting these because of shaving? i use gilletes sensitive shaving cream and the sensor razor recomended on the website. as its really getting me down. the problem is as im 19 i still can't grow a full on beared/stubble, just lose hair on my face so i need to shave it as otherwise i'll just look silly. i wanted to know weather an electric razor would be better for my skin?

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If you have only being getting them recently then it might be that you've changed something in your regimen,like products,shaving more often etc.I wouldnt worry about the facial hair problem some people have alot of facial hair at 19 others dont but in a few years it will grow fine,when your 25 you will wish it stayed the same and you never had a beard.My room mate is 18 like me and never has to shave while I have to shave every second day were all different like I wish I had no facial hair while my room mate wishes he had.I wouldnt bother with the electric razor ive tried a few and personally I find them more irritating than a wet shave with sensor excel and a cleansing bar

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Yes, its the shaving. Wet shave with a nice shaver.

Make sure to really moisture your shaving areas with WATER, and apply alot of shaving foam. Gently brush across your shaving areas to get the hair off.

You see were am going? The red rashes are from hair thats forced off your face because it isnt moisture enough.

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