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Anything cheaper than Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF15 Day Lotion ?

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well ill get to the point - Im a student - no money - using Duac gel (Benzol peroxide + clindamycin Phosphate) and Doxycycline - in desprate need of a cheap decent mousturiser :rolleyes:

Many on the massage boreds seem to have alot of good wprds to say about Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF15 Day Lotion but i really cant spend like £10 as *nooooo pennies* I think my limit is £5 - lol

To my name at the in i have £3.30 in change and 20p in the bank - woooo - go me :D

Really want to go to town 2moz and pick up a moisturiser as i know that if i dont buy one 2morrow then ill spend my £3 on fags.......

any recomendations ppl ???


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well quit smoking is one good way of have more money and well for a good moisturizer i dont know wts

available where u are but everyone skin is different so maybe look around and see wt they have and then post

the info maybe here so peeps can look and tell u wts good and not

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A few people use Boots ACT moisturiser and find it to be quite good, whereas other don't like it so much. Also Boots Botanic pore perfecting moisturiser is apparantly quite good, and as both are Boots own brand there not too expensive :)

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