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I've been on the regimen for almost a year now, and I've remained clear for most of it. I recently had a breakout, probably due to the fact that I was away from home around Easter, I drank a lot (of alcohol, and very little water), didn't complete the regimen, and went to sleep almost every morning (yeah :wall: ) with my make-up on. :doh: Maybe I deserve it. :doh:

Anyway, I've been very strict with the regimen since the breakout, and I've stopped wearing make-up at home. It seems to be clearing up. Only thing is, my skin has got very dry and feels really tight. I browsed around the internet a while, trying to find something I could make at home to give my skin a bit of a treat. I found some things that are good for dry skin, and mixed them up to make my own face mask. :)

I used:

1 bannana

Half a teaspoon of olive oil

One dessert spoon of honey

Mushed it all up together, then put in as much oatmeal (fine ground) until it was at a good consistency to put on my face.

You could probably blend it up, to make it easier to apply, but you don't need to.

I left it on for about half an hour, and my skin just felt so much better afterwards. Even my mom and dad used some. :lol: Anyway...I just think it's a nice was of treating your skin to some moisture, since the regimen takes a lot of it away. There's no ingredients in there that have ever caused me to breakout, so I think they're all pretty okay. :)

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