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started a week ago and so far so good...

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well, i have been using dan's gel for awhile along with moisturizer, but not as strictly as the regimen asks for... I tried it once, but I thing I started off with too much, and it was too hard on my skin... So I had to stop with the strict regiment

I was doing ok using BP gel now and then, and using the neutrogena clear pore mask/wash every day or so. Things were decent, but I would still breakout, sometimes badly enough to really be a problem... I in my later 20's so you'd think I would be done with this by now...

I finally got tired of this and decided to give the regimen a try as it is instructed... Morning and night as much as possible...

I do however skip an app once in a while, when my skin starts to get very red and irritated... I think that the irritation can cause breakouts too, so I try to moisturize well, and I do not worry abotu skippnig the occasional app... I think my problem before was that I started off with so much BP so fast that it just irritated the heck out of my skin and did more damage than good... so this time I try to follow the AM/PM routine as much as possible, but I give it a break if it needs it.. I know this isn't according to the exact rules, but I am blessed with sensitive AND breakout prone skin, so I need to.

Anyways, it's been a week or so, and I am not clear or anything yet, but I feel like I am improving. I do not have any breakouts that really hurt, those are the worst... I think maybne I am avoiding the initial breakout bc my skin is already fairly used to BP from putting it on sporadically. Plus it is quite a hard time to judge, because I am in grad school and it's finals time, so my sleep schedule is very random, and my stress level is very high!

I am going to keep at it and hope that this is something that will keep me steadily clear, instead of the rollercoaster I've been on in the past that leaves me with red marks/scars that take a long time to fade!

No real questions yet, just thought I would say hello and that I will try to keep posted as things develop.

Oh I should have mentioned that the new new revision is way better than the past one, I couldn't put much of that stuff on, it burned and turned me super red. I look a bit tanned now even with the newer stuff, but I'd rather have that then be all broken out!

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Yea! Glad to see your improving already, just stick with it and things should continue to get better! Also try not to let an initial breakout if one comes put you off, it will be worth it in the long run! :)

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not to be mean but don't get ur hopes up cuz there usually is a breakout (can be small or large) at like week

2... the regimen does work but the first month is a real pain in the booty (still in the first month)

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hang in there and just go slow with it. Sometimes sensitive skin takes awhile longer to get used to the Regimen. Just go low and slow, and moisturize. Hopefully things will continue to go smoother for you this time around.

Let us know if you need any help.

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