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Itchy Skin

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I've tried 2.5% BP and it goes on ok, I follow it with an oil free moisturiser and everything feels ok..... trouble is about 12-18 hours later my skin REALLY itches, it doesnt burn, just itches like mad, so i end up rubbing it and cause it to get all red and it gets inflamed.

Is this normal in early usage of BP or could it be an allergic reaction?

Ive done this twice now, about 2 weeks apart, the skin really dries and feels terrible.... help!!

Should i carry on using once per day or quit? Help appreciated please :)

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itching is normal, i have it bad when i put on BP. so i asked my doctor about it and he gave me a anti-histamine called Lorotadine, which is the ingredient found in many hayfever medicines

this calms the itchyness

ask your doctor or take hayfever tablets, there fine to use with Tetracyclines like Minocycline, lymecycline, doxycycline ect

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Itchiness is listed among the common side effects of BP during the first days of use.

You shouldn't scratch nor rub though. Even if it's too itchy, it should be bearable enough until you wash your face again during your seccond application of the regimen. That redness and inflamation you're describing means that you're irritating your skin. Really, you shouldn't do that.

I think you should carry on a few more days, but try not to rub. If your skin remains extremely red, itchy and swollen, perhaps you should talk to a doctor.

Hopefully you're just going through the initial difficult time with BP until your skin adapts to it. :)

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Thanks for your replies guys.... i didnt want to carry on with it just in case it was an allergic reaction.... i'll persevere :D

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