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Ok guys, anyone able to help me out? I'm just debating which one to buy...and yes, I know how wonderful Dan's BP gel is, and yes, I know how cheap it is, but due to certain situations, i.e. living in the UK and imminent lack of clearasil, I need something that's gonna cost me less than a fiver and I can get now!

So, which one? Any ideas?

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get quinoderm

even though you might not notice any improvements within the first week you will see huge improvments later on

ive also tried panoxyl 5% which is like quinoderm but takes a shit load of time to work on your acne and its more drying then quinoderm

the only thing wrong with qunioderm is that it comes only in a cream form where panoxyl comes in a gel

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I use Panoxyl. The real issue is do you want to use a cream or a gel? Gels absorb into the skin much better and don't leave a greasy residue so if you get oily skin use Panoxyl but if you have dry skin use the cream. Also Panoxyl comes as Acnegel (with alcohol) and as Aquagel (without alcohol). I use Acnegel because it absorbs so well, but Aquagel would be more suitable for dry skin. In response to s101 I've always found Panoxyl works extremely quickly.

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