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A number of weeks I posted about Prosacea. I've had great success with this product so far.

But I've added a new element to my regimen that has cleared me beyond belief.

It's no secret anymore that Neosporin cream helps clear acne quickly when used as a spot treatment.

But coupled with Prosacea for the red marks that still remain, it is a godsend. This is my regimen.

I no longer use Delna's baking soda regimen. That is no longer necessary.

I cleanse in the morning. (Gillette Men's but any glycerin based cleanser would do for me. I love Gillette's though)

Wait for my face to dry.

Then spot treat with Neosporin cream.

On the spots I have not used Neo cream on, I use a thin layer of Prosacea.

Moisturize with SPF 15 lotion. (Gillette Men's)

In the evening I use a mild facial scrub. (Nivea Men's facial scrub)

Use any scrub that is not medicated.

Do the Neosporin spot treatment again.

On the rest of the face, use a thin layer of Prosacea.

No moisturizing at night.

And that's it. I've cleared up in 2 weeks. I said I would update on how Prosacea has helped me. And it has helped immeasurably for my red marks. I have not been so clear in a long time.

note: BP and SA fail to work for me.

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I thought Neosporin was the incredible acne cure myself. After a while of using it, I broke out terribly and Neosporin lost its effect. BP seems to be the only thing that is consistent for me.

I found that trying new products usually makes my skin clear for a short while, then boom...my skin is back to its normal habit. Hopefully your routine works for you though.

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