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Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy PLUS Intensive Repair Lotion

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Last week I decided I needed to change moisturizers from my Cetaphil Moisturizer to this Eucerin Moisturizer. This is exactly what it says on the front (picked it up at Walmart because our town has no selection for shopping... but we will be getting a Walgreens very soon!!!)


Dry Skin Therapy

PLUS Intesive Repair Lotion

With Alpha Hydroxy (AHA)

To Exfoliate Very Dry, Flaky Skin

Extra Moisturization to Smooth and Soften

Non Greasy, Fast Absorbing

Non Irritating, Fragrence Free.

This all sounds good to me. What do you think? I'm asking because when I went to the Eucerin Lotion secton at my Walmart they had several different types of Eucerin products. I was just wondering if this specific product would work well with the regimen and not interfere with getting clear skin results from the regimen? I have only been using it for a week, and I have no seen much results yet. How long does it usually take to see results from using AHA?

For some reason I have all these stupid redmarks gathered together on one of my cheeks and it just looks horrible. I have to wear foundation (Loreal Infallible, which works well) to cover these up. However, they look better to me up close rather than far away, they are more noticeable, LOL how weird!!! Anyway, I was just wondering if you guys have used this specific product or if I should change AHA products, etc. Once Walgreens gets in to my town then I will go there and get some of their AHA. I don't know why I started breaking out on that one cheek so badly. I woke up this morning and I had another sort of "underground pimple".... you know those ones that are just red and to touch them hurts really bad, and they are hard. Whatever you call those, but I had one of those over my collection of red marks on that cheek which made everything look redder. The collection of redmarks on my cheek look like I have severe acne, but since I've been on the regimen for almost a month they have died down in severity by about %40. I'll just stick with the reigmen and see how this works then! I do believe that I got those there from being on the phone too much... maybe that pressed up against my cheek. I don't actually press the phone up against my cheek anymore, its just when I used to lay in bed and talk to my friends on the phone that would be when the problem would arise. That is my only thought because I never touch my face during the day to prevent irritation as the regimen clearly states!!! :cry:

Any suggestions about the moisturizer and my cheek breakouts would be helpful! Thanks so much!

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