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I had acne since i was 13 years old, now, 3 years later i finally found this site and i hope it will help me, because i started the Clear skin regimen few days ago.

Here's a short history with my acne medical treatment –

2 years ago i went to a dermatologist first time, and he prescribed an Eucerin gel and losion for problematic skin (i dont remember the exact name of the product), Avene Diacneal cream and 2% solution of eritromycin.

This helped and reduced my acne, and after i cleared up (but not completely, i wasnt really satisfied, but it was better) i stoped using the stuff i mentioned before, and in a period of few weeks i got acne again that was actually worse than before. :cry:

Then i realised that the only thing that worked was eritromycin so i continued to use that, but the efects were getting weaker and weaker, so i went to my dermatologist again, and he prescribed a solution of salicylic acid and resorcin (named S-R-S lotion) and a 1% solution of klindamycin. This worked ok, but still, i wasnt completely cleared up.

After that, the doctor prescribed Clean&Clear tonic and cream and S-R-S lotion (that i had to use only few times per week), so as you can see, i was told not to use any more klindamycin, and as i thought, it got really bad than. :cry:

I didnt go to the dermatologist any more, and i tried to find some info and help on the internet. And as i was searching i found this great site. I immidiately started searching benzoyl peroxide based products, and had some problems with that first (here in Croatia, there is only one BP containing product available in stores (Dercome clear, 4% BP)). For moisturizing, i'm using Clean&Clear dual action moisturizer. I know it isnt a very good choice because it has salicylic acid in it, but i have really oily skin and the SA concentration is relatively low (0.5%) in it, so i think it will be ok. Oh yeah, and it is cheap anyway, and i need it a lot…

I started using BP 3 weeks ago (before i found out the right way to use it), i used too much of it, and i left it too long on my face, +i did that twice daily. My face got burned like hell, it was totally dry, red and itchy, it was actually painfull to talk and laugh :doh::angel:. Well, than i i stoped using it for a week, or two, and my face got normal again. Then i started with low doses, i used the BP once daily and first time i left it for 2 hours and i left the BP on 30 more minutes, every day…

Now, 6 days later, i can see little improvment, im glad i didnt get burned again, and im still increasing the time i let the BP on my face. I will probably wait few more days, until i start using the BP twice daily. Then, if i dont get burned, i will wait again some time, and then leave it on my face during the night too. I hope ill get my face cleared up soon, because it really sucks to feel bad because of the acne on your face (i believe most of you know what i am talking about :D ) .

My biggest mistakes that i made, and that i learned by reading this site – i allways, after washing, rubbed my face too hard with the towel, that allways over-irritated my skin, and caused problems… second, i allways apllyed gel/cream/lotion with to much pressure, and that caused some iritation too… when i started with trying to get rid of acne i washed my face far to many times daily, that also might have caused some problems…

Now i'm following Dan's adwices and i hope im doing everything right and that i will get good results…

(sorry for my bad english…) Cheers! ( or «Pozdrav!» on Croatian ;) )

ps. any advice is welcome :pray:

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Just wanted to pop in say hello!

I know we have discussed your Regimen and products and have discussed possible changes you may need to make, in the CSR Forum, so let me know if you need anymore help!

Good luck!!

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Day 6(since i opened this topic) / Day 27(since i started to experiment with BP)

I started to increase the time im leaving the BP on my face, and i also put on more and more of it. I bought Bioderma Atoderm moisturizer that works really good in preventing and healing the redness, but i dont like the fact that it contains mineral oil (but i heard that it isnt comedogen), and because of that my skin is really oily, so i use it only when im at home...

Today is actually the first day, since i started using BP, that i see some progress and i'm happy because of that. From now on, im also going to leave the BP all night on my face, and hope that i wont get my face all red and iritated because its the first time that i will leave it that long on my face...

I hope that it will keep going better...

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