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How many of you scratch or pick at your skin?

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I'm just curious about this, because it just dawned on me the other day - that it's become an addiction for me!

My acne is very mild, I've never had a single cyst or nodule or anything big like that. Just moderate red blemishes and marks here and there.

But I cannot help myself none the less, and I think I'm making my skin look ten times worse!

I noticed this the other day when I cam home... my face was relatively clear with a couple of very minor blemishes that would've been all but gone by Mon-Tues at the latest.

But still I spent about 6 minutes in front of the mirror touching my face and picking at it. Even when there's nothing there but some redness. I never realized that I was doing this in a compulsive manner, but I recognize now that it's part of the problem..

Whenever I see any discoloration or sometimes I'll have a tiny razor bump or something, I try to pick it away or squeeze at it.

The worst part is when the hair on my lower cheeks begin to grow in, I think they attribute a large part to my skin condition. Because it causes small bmps and broken skin at times from either shaving or just having it come in. I than go and pick at these small marks until they become larger broken skin blemishes which take days to heal.

I'm going to make more of an effort to stop doing this. I told myself this the other day, but even while sitting on my couch and reading last night I noticed I was touching my chin...

I'm also on my final weeks of Accutane, and it doesnt seem to be doing much for me at all... pretty frustrating!

At least it looks like I have a good week coming up (a couple of more days and I should have clear skin - for a bit!) :/

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Dear Me 23

I used to have a picking problem before. Now there are really tiny scars here and there. Definately try to keep your hands really busy, so you don't go on a picking spree!

I just glance at the mirror & try not to take too long. (trying not to worry).

I'm not too sure bout accutane but I was told that it will clear your face eventually after treatment.

Good luck with it buddy,

Sir DonsBall.

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