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Hi All, Needing some help and guidance on a situation regarding a scar that I have had from the age of one.

I am a black male and at the age of one suffered a burn scar on my forehead due to a house fire. As we are all aware a scar can cause psycological problems, but to make it worse I have been wearing a camaflage cream for many years that not only seems to cover-up and blend my original skin colour, but seem to cover-up my past problems. I am sure that the deep minded people amongst us will understand what I am talking about.

Anyway, I have found that over the last twenty year, living in UK, we lack the advancement compared to the USA, but I found breathrough a couple of years ago. I watched 'Extreme Makeover USA' and saw an African American Doctor named Anthony Griffin. Now, I have read so much positive information about him and his experiences with dealing with black skin. I was fortunate to have a telephone consultation with him in 2005 and he was extremely helpful and said that there could be much improvement achieved.

Dr Griffin advised that 'Fraxel Laser' will be used to smooth the scarring and then 'Obagi Blue-peel' will blend my skin tones. I have found a UK surgeon/dermatologist named Christopher Inglefield who also confirmed that this can be achieved. He has cost the treatment at £4700 (Fraxel laser) and £600-£1200 (Obagi Blue-Peel).

Has anybody of similar skin type experienced this type of treatment? If so please give advice.

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£4700 (Fraxel laser) and £600-£1200 (Obagi Blue-Peel).

about 5500£ = 10000$ for one scar???? I just can't believe how all these doctors rip us all off :(

No offence, I hope it works out for you and you are happy with the results. :angel:

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I am not to sure what laser treatment has been recommended, but I have been reading information that states that 'non-ablative' laser treatment is more suitable for dark-skin types because of the technic used. I think that fraxel laser is an 'ablative' laser, but I have information stating that Fraxel laser is not as effective as CO2 or Rhytec.

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