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pictures. questions. rants. help me?? :)

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hello all. so just out of curiosity and annoyance with the state of my face.....gahhh....i'm wondering if anyone can tell me what type of acne i have?

i have some beautiful picture examples for you. exhibit A and B: IPB Image

IPB Image

can i just say thank god for fabulous concealer or i would never leave the house??

My acne isnt bumpy or raised much like it used to be. My face feels really smooth, its just these deep annoying red spots that never seem to do much but sit there forever. Is this regimen going to help much you think?

I know eucerin makes products for "reducing redness" is that for a different kind of facial redness? Thats what i've been assuming.

I've been on the regimen for what...about almost 2 months now. I keep having days where i'm really positive about it, and then days where i feel like im stuck with this forver. Which im sure most of you can probably all relate to. No one wants this!

i'm also taking pills tetrcycline i think? mehh. I want something to work.

basically, my MAIN question...is what kind of acne do i have...and will the regimen ever fix the red spots?

much love to all of you

thanks for any help

good luck :)

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those don't look like acne but are red marks / pigmentation marks from after u get acne... those fade in time

(takes a while) or u can use things like aloe vera gel and aha to help speed up the process

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your acne looks like........well.........acne, and some hyperpigmented areas.

We can't "diagnose" you here. But your skin looks about like typical moderate acne.

You said you've been on the CSR Regimen a few months now. What products are you using, and how exactly are you using them?

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Hey, I wouldn't be two worried. If your skin feels smooth with no bumps that is a very good sign. Are you using any kind of treatments?

I know from my experience that once you reach that stage the real healing begins. The red dots will take a while depending on your current diet and the intake of water you drink. Hope that helps. You can check my signature if you need more info. ;)

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