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Post Accutane Side Effects

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Hey all, in April 2005 i finished a six month course of 40mg daily accutane to deal with cystic acne on my back. The drug has done wonders and I have not have a pimple on my back since and just a few on my face from time to time.

One thing that thas been bothering me though is that even after a year off acctane I still have extremely dry, cracking lips. The sebum has started prodcing ok everywhere else (eg, back, face). My derm prescribed me some elcon !% cortisone cream to try and get the pores producing sebum again but it is really shitting me. Whenever I play sport or lick my lips the skin is all soggy and rips off.

Just wondering if anyone had had a similar experience becuase my derm said theat most patients returned to 'normal' after a coouple of months. It has been over a year and its pissing me off.

Any help would be appreciated.


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This might or might not be helpful, but I'm not even on Accutane yet (F'ing IPledge bullshit takes FOREVER) but anyway- I have dry lips naturally and always try different treatments to help. I live in Florida where the sun sucks all the moisture from your lips. Well, on a whim the other day I bought this stuff from a company called Biotherm. It is called Aquasource lip balm with SPF- and it is in a tube. It feels a little funky on the lips at first.. it says it's shiney, but it isn't too bad like a gloss- it's more like blistex or something.. but I didn't like it when I first applied it. A little while later after it had worn off, I didnt even notice because my lips were completely soft and not cracked in one place. It healed them completely!! I was shocked, so I applied it again... later on, they felt even better. I usually use MAC Lip Conditioner which really helps, too- and tastes like vanilla- but, this one is WAY better. So, I don't know if you are interested in trying it.. but I really think you should give it a whirl. It honestly helped my situation and I plan on using it during my Accutane course. Just try it, what do you have to lose, ya know? I know how dry, cracked lips feel and they hurt when the skin rips.. ugh. So.. yeah, Just try it!

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Having to carry a lip balm all the time is a priceless exchange for clear skin IMO.

Anyway, take some supplements like Vitamin E and Zinc.

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