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Don't believe the photos you see in brochures or on web sites

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I see way to many people here commenting on the great results a certain treatment can offer based on photos they saw on the products web site or in a brochure they were given from their doctor. Those pictures are flat out lies and should not be trusted. I even remember a case where I saw a photo in a micro dermabrasion pamphlet and then saw the saw photo later on on a doctors website who was advertising smoothbeam.

The ONLY pictures you should want to see should be patient photos from the doctors office doing the treatment you're interested in. If they tell you they don't have any or they try to show you a brochure you should turn around and walk out. :snooty:

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So true..I agree. I have been to many plastic surgeons who tell me their photos are of actual patients, yet they are the same as another Plastic surgeons pics..its all marketing ..I have come to the conclusion they are all full fo BS...I have very little regard for PS's especially here in Chicago. Who can you trust??? ...very bewildering.

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There is already a pretty interesting thread on this topic in the forum already. But yeh its Frustrating and disrespectful.

Btw if u want a somewhat 'true' photo blog of a couple of treatments then go to my link below. I got annoyed that i couldnt find any photos or comments b4 going for this treatment and like u said most sites are all bs, so thought id do one for others and as a personal record.

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