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I've had acne for about 4 yrs. My face is covered with acne and scars. I also think i have large pores in my t-zone area. Does anyone know what to do for large pores and scars. I'm pretty sure that is what most of it is. I'm not sure what kind of acne I have. I've been using this reigmin for quite a while. I feel awful and I never go out in public without makeup. :( Any comments/advice would be *greatly* appreciated.

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A lot of these skin care products are overflowing with really harsh chemicals. Your skin clears not because it becomes healthy but because the chemicals are drying up and destroying the surface layer of your skin.

What I found is that your skin becomes dependent on the chemical, it eventually needs more of it for it to continue working. Then when you try to get off the treatment it usually makes you break out even more! It's a cycle to keep people on the treatment, it forms a illusion that without it youll breakout even worse when its because of the dependce on the product that actually causes the more severe reaction.

My recommendation is to get off chemical base skin care, try something natural with natural ingredients. I don't know what type of acne you have, but if you have redness and irritation try 100% Aloe Vera Gel which for most people truly works wonders for the skin.

Only thing with going from chemical to natural products is that they will oftten purge your skin. All the chemicals and other junk will seep out to the outer layer of your skin usually causing a lot of breakouts for the first few weeks.

A lot of people disagree, but I find diet is a big factor in acne. Reducing sugars and dairy helps a lot of people, reducing NOT eliminating carbs is also helpful. Also drink plenty of water!!

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