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IF dans bp aint working + whats cleared me!

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Alright so almost a month ago i was suffering from cysts, whiteheads everything. my face was an oily ugly warzone. Im sure u guys know what i mean. I would classify my skin as extremely moderate.

So heres my regimen (roughly following dans)


Cleanse with Philosophy Purity cleanser (really awesome) with lukewarm water.

Apply jojoba oil, dessert essence brand, liberally all over face.

Apply SPF moisturizer (i use XCD defender).


Cleanse again with phiolosphy purity

Apply jojoba oil liberally

Apply DDF bp + tea tree oil gel (its 5% but non irritating).

Then im good to go. Seriously this has reduced my acne by SO MUCH its crazy. a month ago i thought id look terrible forever...and now theres hope! I still have red marks but 90% of the active acne is gone.

I read realmavericks jojoba post, and was skeptical (because i had used jojoba years ago and thought it was ok...but nothing miraculous) but once i began using it i noticed an immediate difference. There was alost no dryness from the BP usage and it really helped to keep my skin tone more even. Anyway this is what im doing and its working. If you have $$ to spend and would like an "upgraded" version of dans regimen then by all means give this shot.

The purity cleanser is 10 bucks for the small version, im about half way thru it after using it for a month, gonna buy me a big bottle. You can get it at sephora.com

The ddf bp gel is 21 bucks, u can get it at ddfskincare.com or dermstore or wherever just google it.

And the jojoba oil is inexpensive, like 6-7 bucks from drugstore.com well worth the money and you get ALOT.

The XCD defender i would say is optional, i like to keep a regular moisturizer handy so i bought this..its like 16 bucks.

So good luck i figured i would contribute what i could. Its a bitch finding what works for you but these products have worked well for me so give it a shot if you like.

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