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Hello everyone!

I was reading through this forum the other day and read about the Prescriptives "invisible line smoother" and all the good results people had camoflouging scars. I got mine yesterday and I am pleased that I have about 50% improvement. That is as good as some scar revision procedures which cost thousands, even if its only temporary. A couple ice picks are almost completely unoticeable so its pretty cool.

The only problem is it doesn't stay put very long, I mean, if you brush up against anything, get a kiss on the cheek or something, its not going to stay. I am still experimenting with powdering techiniques, but its kind of a wet texture.

My question is, has anyone found any kind of putty or filler that is thicker and dries and stays? Even something maybe that wasn't necessarily a beauty product? I am desperate to fill in these holes!

I searched for scar putty online and all I found was theatrical Frankenstein makeup, but maybe there is something flesh toned that would work.

I do recommend the Prescriptives for anyone with small to medium ice picks, especially guys, because its clear.

If anyone knows of anything that is a good filler please share!

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I know there is no quick fix for getting rid of scars, and "fillers" simply wipe off. I'm encouraging everyone on acne.org to try a Beta Hydroxy Acid formula to improve the texture and tone of their skin. BHA is oil-soluble which means it can increase cell-turnover and help release some some the contents inside your pores. Using this regularly will make a huge difference. I know it did for my acne. I bought mine at www.getthatglow.com for alot less.

Hope this Helps!


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Guest Gentle~Rain

Amber....I have smaller ice pick type scars and larger pores....I find a cream makeup works best. Right now I am having good luck with Covergirl aqua smooth....it comes with a little sponge and I find if I apply it with a swirling motion, it fills in the little circles that other makeups leave behind. I've never found a primer or filler that really works well either...but foundations with silicone always look better on me.

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I wonder the same thing! Primers are supposed to do the tricks, but I hear many of them break you out :cry: I was recommended a matte gel, but no success at all either...

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I find this to be quite helpful. Not the powder eraser, but the cream original eraser.

The trick is to apply after foundation/powder, and it helps blur/diminish pores. If you don't wear makeup, just blend in over pores. But if you use too much, it will flake/pill/smear makeup. It doens't work under makeup for me as it will flake. There are mixed reviews of it on Makeupalley.com . I do use it sometimes and find it to be quite helpful in 'blurring' or diminishing pores.

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