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Neutrogena RApid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel

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supposedly reduces breakouts in 8 hours (prolly bullshit) and reduces redness...

so yea this is new, im gonna give it a try and let u all know...i hope it works..i dont give a shit how fast it works, just as long as it works lol... :naughty:

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salycilic acid itself isnt bad ...but that product I dont think lives up to its claims *for me anyway*. I have used it before. It stings a bit, but i didnt see any reduction when using it. My friend's sister swore by it so I thought Id give it a try. Now its gathering dust with some of the other products that didnt work for me.

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ic...well it didnt sting when i put it on last night...

and idk my pimps seem to have gotten a bit smaller...lol

im starting to think that u have to use more than one treatment in a random order to eliminate ur acne...cuz i believe maybe after a while ur acne builds up a resistance to ur everyday same old routine... (ie: BP has stopped working for me...) i will try to rotate bp, and some other acne medications in a random order soon and see if there is any improvement.

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