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fuckk wall greens

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wal greens is soooooooo gay and i was wondering if anyone else has trouble with there perscripitons from there they dont even know how to pick up a damn fone that is why i cant get my taz because the derms office called to refill my prescripton two days ago and walgreens says noone called lawwwwww suitttt just kidding i wish im going to stop rambling onn

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Let me guess you broke out at the same time you ran out of a perscription, and now you have to wait a few days to get it refilled? lol has happened to me before. Dont fret though.

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I have nothin but problems there. The fuckin part time techs are lazy as hell and play stupid games when you try to get your script because they are too lazy to look up your info on the computer. When I tried to get my tane script and it wasn't there, they actually told me to wait til tomorrow when the pharmicist I spoke to the day before comes back. When I demanded that they look it up on the computer...DUH!!! there it was.

They are fuckin rude too. Like you are bothering them or something. I hate getting my scripts there. But there are so damn many of them it's like a monopoly. Where the hell else are you supposed to go that you don't have to drive 20 minutes to get there.

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