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About to start the Regimen, Just need advice on this particular subject..

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I plan to start the regimen, My Acne is classified as mild, Black Heads, Occasional Breakouts, etc.

Heres my question, after Sports activities is there anything i should do to my face?

I've read that Sweat Can cause breakouts, and well theres the environment aspect of it also. The sport i play is basketball, and I play it almost religiously whenever i get the chance. Open air at the park, cement floors, dirty overall, i try not to touch my face.

But again, is there anything anyone does that works after sports?

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Hmm... mild acne huh. Well when I used to play football I'd be sweating like crazy with dirt all over the place. Didnt really affect me at all (this is when I had mild acne) I'd suggest after your through playing wipe your face with a Clean, damp wash cloth. Dont scrub just pat your face. And wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser morning and night.

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Sweat doesn't cause breakouts, but you still should get it off your face when you're done working out. After you exercise, just rinse your face off with water and reapply moisturizer if you like. Don't reapply the BP until your usual evening time, though.

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