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tattoo on accutane

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hey - i'm in the middle of my 5th month of accutane (my last month) and i really want to get a tattoo... i've heard that it is not recommended for one to get a tattoo while accutane is still in their system. how true is this? how bad would it be if i actually did get one?

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Nooooo.....please don't....

Wait about 6 months to a year after you finish your course. Accutane affects the way your skin heals, leaving it prone to infection and scar tissue formation.......sacrring is bad when it comes to tattoos, because they can become distotred and the color won't be uniform..........If a tattoo artist knows you are on Accutane they won't tattoo you......(it's right after the "I don't have AIDS" part in that thing you sign)......

It's a waste of the skin you have available for ink......the artist artwork and time, and a waste of a few hundred bucks.......

Please wait.......the tattooo will look so myuch better if it's allowed to heal properly.......it'll be worth the wait

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I'm in the same situation.

I finished accutane about 2 weeks ago, and I've been desperate for a tattoo for over a year (shoulda thought to get one before the accutane).

Anywho, my dermatologist said 18-24 months! Which is hugely disappointing.

I may ask around though, and see if I can go at closer to the year mark.

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