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Cleansers and moisturisers?

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I have read the recommended products by Dan for Cleansers and Moisturisers, but in the UK none are purchasable. I cannot afford the shipping being a student and i am already going to be shippings over Dan's 2.5% BP which costs enough as it is.

I printed off the list of what Dan recommends looking for in cleansers and moisturisers and i purchased these two:

Evian Affinity original soft cleansing gel

Evian Affinity original hydrating lotion SPF 15

Does anyone know of ANY problems with these?

I should hopefully begin my regimen but i am awaiting the BP (it takes 2 weeks to ship!)

Any help will be much appreciated!

Thankyou so much!


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hi Aidy,

hopefully one our UK members will be along soon (ahem......Dami3n!), but until then, if you can provide a link of those products and ingredients, I"d be happy to take a look at them.

As long as they are gentle, unmedicated, oil-free and non-comedogenic they should be fine though.

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Thanks! Damn i wish i hadnt bought them, if you want to check them out they should be on the evian affintiy website www.evianaffinity.ca/

I'll purchase the Act bar, hopefully the boots i have sells it, don't remeber seeing it and i did spend an hour and a half sifting through cleansers and moisturisers!

What about moisturisers?

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For a moisturiser I would recommend Eucerin dry skin relief face cream with 5% urea which is available from Boots, however, it costs £10 so as a student you might want to find something cheaper (although 1 tube does last for ages!), you could check out this thread for more info on UK regimen supplies http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=84759.

Also I really like Simple cleansers and find them very non-irritating, and theres a wash by them that is apparantly very good but I can't remember exactly what its called :wall:. Also a few UK'ers use Avene Clenance Soapless Gel cleanser and seem to like it, and both of these are avilable from Boots. Also some people use Pears soap which is a bar and whilst some love it others have commented on it being quite drying, and I think it is the same of the ACT wash bar too becasue in general bars tend to be more drying then liquids :)

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