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Vitamins & Hebrs that work

Hi everyone...

I have struggled with acne since age 13. I tried every scrub, program, etc.

While some of them were really helpful, a holistic approach is what really helped me.

I started researching vitamins, etc. about 2 years ago and after a lot of experimentation I found a regimen that really worked for me. I have found that taking vitamins/ herbs for skin problems is like working from the inside out rather than just the surface...

The complete list of vitamins & herbs I've found most helpful is here: My List of Vitamins & Herbs

Also some tips:

- Avoid hydrogenated oil at all costs!!!! Check labels!

- Avoid caffeine

- drink at least glasses of water a day

Good luck!

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This is a good list and seems reasonable, not excessive. For most of those it says that the dosage to take is as recommended on bottle. That's refreshing to see, instead of these regimens that entail taking excessive amounts above the daily recommended dosage.

There's a lot of great advice from experts out there regarding vitamin and herb supplements in the diet as being part of a healthy diet.

I don't have a problem with that and, to a certain extent, agree whole heartedly. I don't even mind buying them and taking them on a daily basis.

I think where we run into problems, what's not healthy, and even holistic docs would probably agree, is when we take them in excess. And I'm not talking double doses as excessive, I'm talking about taking 10 and 10 times the recommended daily allowance. Too much of anything in excess is not a good thing. I would think it would have the potential for being toxic in many circumstances.

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Your list is good, but I personally feel we should get our vitamins from whole foods like vegetables and vegetable juices, and probiotics from yogurt, kefir, and other fermented foods. Probiotic companies say yogurt lacks the ability to carry the good bacteria into the gut - this is a sales pitch. Humans have been consuming yogurt and kefir for hundreds of years and getting the benefits - dairy seems to be a very good vehicle for transporting the bacteria to survive through the stomach, with it's fat content, calcium, etc.

It also only takes a little glance at a high school biology book to realize vitamins are all interdependent and rely on a variety of enzymes etc. for proper utilization in the body. Isolated supplements just don't do that very well.

Certain vegetables, like broccoli and spinach, are just absurdly high in good 'acne helping' vitamins like beta carotene, vitamin C, B vitamins etc.

I do believe, however, that with our mineral depleted soils, certain beneficial minerals like zinc and chromium should be supplemented in because our diets don't have high quantities of either and they're both very beneficial.

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