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If you're 20something girl suffering from mild/moderate acne...

I've developed acne at the age of 20, never had this problem as a teen. Now I'm 25. If there is one thing I understood about acne, is that you should find individual treatment that's going to work for your type of acne and your lifestyle. So, I'm going to describe my type of acne, what I've tried and what finally seems to work. So may be it will be helpful for someone with similar problem.

My type of acne:

I have combination skin (normal/dry), not oily. My acne if most likely of a hormonal nature. I mostly breakout along the jawline and in the T-zone, but sometimes also on the cheeks and forehead. It goes from mild to moderate. Usually I have 1-10 inflamed zits at a time and also some scares.

Things I've tried:

At one point I've used BP products. They didn't work all that well and really burnt my skin on the chin and around my month (I always had red spots, that I couldn't cover with make-up). They also bleached my clothes. So I started to look for another solution.

I saw Murad commercial: it seemed reasonable so I've decided to try it. The Treatment Gel was very sticky and burnt the skin. After 3 days I saw some improvement and was excited. But after couple weeks it got a lot worse: I started to develop painful cysts - something I've never had before. I stopped to use these products and it took me about 3 or 4 month to completely recover from the damage they've done.

On the scale from 1 to 10 visit to dermatologist (and I saw 3 difirent doctors) was somewhere around -1. None of them even listened to me: as soon as they walked to the room they would start writing prescription for an antibiotic. That's when I realised that I have to find solution on my own.

The only thing that seemed to work good for me was topical antibiotic Zynerit. Unfortunately, you can't buy it in the US. And you also can't use for a lond time - it stops working.

What seems to work now:

About a month ago I bought Clearasil Pore Cleaning Pads to use on my shoulders (I had some breakouts there as well). It worked very well so I've decided to try it on my face - I wasn't using any other products at that time. Suprisingly it seems to work well. I added one more product to it and right now my skin is at it's best.

So, here is my current personal regime (morning and night):

Wash:L'Oreal - Ideal Balance cleanser for combination skin (with Kaolin Clay) - I really like it, leaves skin very smooth.

Moisterizier:Clinique - Dramatically different moisturizing lotion.


1) Clearasil Pore Cleaning Pads (2% Salicylic acid). Now, here's the thing: I use it very gently, just dab it on the problem zones, I don't rub it all over my face. Afterall, it's pretty harsh. The smell is kinda weird too, but if it works, I'm ready to deal with it.

2) Nelsons Acne Gel (http://www.internatural-alternative-health.com/ingr/ingr595745.cfm) - it's a homeopatic remedy with Sulfur and different herbs. Again, I only apply on my problem zones.

I know, they say it's a bad idea to mix Salicylic acid and Sulfur, but it works for me!


My skin is much smoother then usuall. I still get occasional breakouts, but they heal fast.

I'm not trying to sell any products here and I'm not saying that this regimen is a panacea. But I'm very happy to see improvement in my complection and if it's going to help someone else - terrific!


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