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Newbie with darkened areas.... help!

Has anyone else had problems with darkened skin on areas where they've put the BP? Not redness, but more like an orangey-brown, tan color?

I'm nearing the end of Week 3 on the Regimen, and am super excited about it in general, because it's actually working! This is the most disturbing part of it for me though: the skin I'm using the BP on (same areas as Dan; just the chin & circumference of my mouth...) seems to have actually changed color! It's really embarrassing, because i'm female, and without makeup (and I haven't worn makeup since Day 1 of the regimen) it looks as though I have some kind of Fred Flintstone 5:00 shadow (mustache + beard)! Ugh. :doh:

The weird thing is, this very thing happened when I was using Proactiv a few years back, and (besides the fact that that program just stopped working for me) this "darkening" was the main reason I quit. I even felt as though -- even months after I stopped Proactiv, it never *fully* went away, but it's hard to tell, because I totally have redness in this area from acne scarring, too. But regardless, it's back, and it's worse.

Anyway, just wondering:

1) if anyone else has experienced this tan/orange/brown darkening, and

2) If so, does it every go away?! (Or will I have to try to hide it with makeup for as long as I'm on the Regimen? :wall: )

PS. I do think this is different from the initial redness of the BP "hardening" thing, where your skin just has to get used to the BP. I have naturally fair skin with rosy cheeks (no cheek acne). This is not pink or red, but a a hideous orange/brownish/reddish/tan shade...

Thanks for reading... any feedback is much appreciated! :pray:

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I am also experiencing this problem - my skin has gone an orangey/brown colour (definitely not red). I am really self-conscious about it as the rest of my skin is extremely pale. Dan said that it is probably the result of the Purpose moisturiser that I have been using so I have switched and am waiting to see if the orangeness goes away. Perhaps you could try switching moisturisers too?

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