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Today I had a dermatalogist appointment & I got a 10% Chemical Peel and I can already notice my skin looks less red and smoother. Thats great & all.....she even gave me a bargain (only 25 bucks! :whistle: ) BUT I failed to talk to her about anything else that I wanted to (quite a bit, actually...she popped in and popped out in like 5 minutes...she isn't my regular dermatoligist, though, so... :hand: ) And now I don't have another appoinment until the summer! *groan* Why do I feel so awkward around my derm?? It's like my mouth freezes and I can't get out what i've been dying to ask. I know their there to help you, but Dr.'s in general terrify me. I know if you don't tell them, they can't help....I don't even think she knows I have back acne!!! She wanted to take me down to one Dynacin a day...and I thought to myself, "That's like telling someone with chronic pain to take only one vicodin a day!!"




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what if you tried writing down a list of questions? Your derm wont mind. Either read them out from your notepad when you see him/her or hand over the questions.

If this is still difficult maybe draft an email or letter saying that when you last were there you were anxious about the peel and forgot to ask these questions and would he/she be kind enough to reply when they have time.

Choose a way thats easiest for you atm then try allow yourself to ask a couple of questions (one even) on your next visit.

It isnt unusual to clam up in a situation you find embarrassing or difficult in some way.


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