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Back acne and hard spunge rubbing - bad idea or not?

My derm. presribed me DUAC cream for my fact and back. It worked like a charm for my face, its nearly 100% clear now.

However, there is something about my back - its pretty horrible.

My acne is mostly INTERNAL bumps or however you cal it. However, there are plenty regular acne you can say and now I have a problem with it.

So, I used DUAC on my back and it made it better, but I decided to get rid of internal bumps and started scratching my back with hard spunge side. Scrubbing under really hot shower. I assumed pores would open up under hot water and with scrubbing like that I would open them up further. And then, apply the cream right after shower.

Well, I think it made it er... WORSE? Is that normal?

I always used the hard spunge side on my back but never really scrubbed it as hard as recently.

Should I switch to regular soft side maybe and stop scratching?

Also, my derm. adviced using SALT and HONEY using some rough clothing maybe once a week or so. Wouldn't that be rubbing though?

Also, I had a FACIAL done once and OMFG it hurts but they did what you are not supposed to - squeeze out bumps!

And another question - acne is bacteria, but WHY does it go away with age in many cases? Is it same with back acne?

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for me switching the water to a cooler temperature was very helpful in preventing new acne and aggravating the old acne...i suggest showering at a cool temperature but nuthing that will make it steamy so that ur windows are full of steam, keep it cool, also i use a sponge and i never ever use the hard side, i believe it jsut aggravates the skin, i suggest takign salt baths to help smooth out and clear the skin and using neautrogena body clear body scrub will help clear up acne above the skin, these products have helped me so much in the past three days and i have bad acne, and its amazing how clear i have got my chest is actually presentable, good luck, anddd for the bath, use 3/4 cup of sea/epsom salt, 1 cup of table salt, i cup of baking soda, 4 tbspoons of cream of tartar and 8 0z of hydrogen peroxide, got the idea from exmodel and it has helped me a lot, check up with me later, good luck

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Oh my god! Don't rub your back hard with a sponge.

That will only aggravate your acne and ultimately make it worse.

Be very gentle with your skin, don't rub harshly.

Honey soothes skin, and salt is an exfoliator and helps kill bacteria.

Personally, I would never rub either on my back with a rough cloth.

I think the majority of derms give bad advice.

Facials are actually not good for people with acne.

But they will give facials and pop pimples for people with acne,

even though both of those things are not smart.

Not all acne is bacteria, some is hormonal.

Diet also enters into the picture for some people.

There are a few reasons for acne.

I don't have any kind of body acne (never have)

but years ago in the summer I would get a few pimples on my back.

I would use neutrogena acne body scrub, it helped a lot.

I think the best you can do for your skin

is make sure it gets cleaned, use a gentle soap-free product,

wash your t-shirts regularly, and use some topical medication (as prescribed).

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