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Whats more irritating?

So I went to the doc yesterday and he prescribed me with .025% retin-a cream. I REALLY wanted some sort of antibiotic...or anything non-topical. Of course I didnt get it.

Now I was just starting Dan's regimen again. I have been using 2.5% BP pads, and a oil free moisturizer.

I ordered Dan's BP gel and it should be coming in a day or 2. I also ordered 2 bottles of Eucerin skin renewal and they should be coming this week as well. Of course, I ordered all of this before I got my retin-a.

What do you think I should do? Stick with Dan's regimen which I have been doing for about a week, or use the retin a?

What is more irritating? I'm assuming probably the retin-a?

Should I maybe use BP in the morning and retin-a at night? I kinda want to use retin a to even out my skin tone, more for that then its acne fighting properties.

Any advice?

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0.025% Retin A should not be all that irritating ... it is possible to get strengths up to 0.1% ... though I hear from other users on the board that the Retin A Micro gel is better than the cream, more effective and less irritating.

You can try Retin A at night and BP in the AM ... just start slowly with the Retin A and watch out for redness, irritation, excessive dryness, etc. If that happens, stop using it for a couple days until your skin feels normal again, then resume use. It might take your skin a little while to get used to it. Also I don't know that you would want to use the amount of BP Dan normally recommends for the Regimen. Better to start slowly and work up ...

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Hi Mman,

I was on the Regimen for about a year before starting Retin-A (the Regimen did wonders, but left me with a lot of clogged pores).

Here's what I do:



Wait 10 minutes

Apply 1/4 of a finger of Dan's BP (less than is recommended for the Regimen)

Wait 10 minutes

Apply moisturizer with SPF (important because the Retin-A will make you very sensitive to the sun)



Wait 30 minutes (important because the Retin-A can sting if you apply it too soon after washing)

Apply pea-sized amount of Retin-A (do not use more than this - it should be barely enough to cover your skin)

Wait 30-60 minutes

Apply moisturizer with AHA (the Eucerin would work well here)

This has been working very well for me. If you are concerned about irritation with the Retin-A, start out applying it every other night ...if you do not have excessive redness or peeling, you can apply it every night. Feel free to stop by log if you're interested to know what it was like for me, easing into this regimen.

Edit: Also, be aware that Retin-A WILL cause an initial breakout ...but it's worth it. Unlike BP, which just kills the p. acnes bacteria, Retin-A actually gets rid of the gunk clogging your pores that the p. acnes feed on. The combination of the two is very effective. You may consider asking your derm for a short-term prescription for an oral antibiotic to help with the initial breakout.

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