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Hey, I posted this in two other forums. Its been a couple of days and so far noticed the big zits healing faster and less of them:)

I am 25 year old male and had acne from mild to severe since age 13. It goes back and force on the severity range. I had accutane at 19 years old. It made me vegetarian because it ruined my stomach by not able to digest meat. I eat fish though. Anyways, my face was clear for only a year after the treatment. After that I started having acne again. but this time the acne was more moderate than severe. Anyways, I went through all the bull s*** again with all the crap medications out there. Nothing worked. Than I tested my blood for food allergies. And it said that I was allergic to gluten. so in summer 2004, I eliminated gluten products from my diet. And gluten is in alot of food products, you can search it online. Anyways, my acne got reduced by about 70%. so that was pretty good. But it was so hard to stay on it and so eventually I started eating gluten products again and started getting my usual acne.

So now I am F****** sick of this acne. And trying something drastic and avoiding all the common allergens. And start eating all natural and nothing processed. I will start eating like people ate over several centuries before before the invention of processing grains, refined carbs, etc... well close to it:P

I am avoiding refined and/or concentrated carbs, trans fats, salt and iodine. Also avoiding hot liquids, spicy food, alcohol (these agravate rosacea). Also avoiding corn and potatoes coz it digest like grains. Avoid fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate (found in most toothpaste, known to agravate perioral dermatitis). Avoiding all artificial sugary foods: dougnuts, pastries, even chocolate. Avoiding all dairy including eggs.

I will eat: raw fruits and veggies, some fish. Limit nuts and avocados, coz even too much good fat can be bad for you:) NO oils coz oils cum from nuts and olives. why not eat the original thing? its less processing:P

HOwever on occasion, I would give myself a break mentally and physically and eat whatever I want. Maybe 1 day a week. we will see:) But no more than 1 day a week:)

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Hi Dance~Sorry to hear that Accutane causes such problems for you. That's a pretty strict diet you've got there!

Have you read about Dan's Clear Skin regimen at all? I think all that stuff that you are doing with the strong meds (10% Benzoyl Peroxide), scrubs, and mixing salcylic acid with BP, may be hurting your skin. The beauty of the regimen is that it is simple! And it works. Like your stomach, your skin needs gentle, tender loving care.

That's just my two cents.

Have fun on the boards!


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