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Help Me Out

Well..heres the story. I'm in 8th grade, and got mild acne in about 7th grade. Starting 8th grade it began to go from mild to moderate. Acne meds I took were like Duac and some other tropical cremes. Right now Im using a generic form of retin A...

I tried Dans regimen for a while, but my dad wont let me order anything from the internet, and OTS just got too expensive. I'm in 8th grade right now, and am trying to figure what I can do to get rid of all or almost all of my acne..

A couple problems are that I dont have a large budget, and if I ask my dad to try something like a natural solution, he just talks about how the derm. knows more about acne than I do and blah blah blah.

So I'm just wondering if anyone has an idea for a regimen that I could start that would clear my skin up ASAP. I'd kinda rather do something natural like with lemon or with vinegar/water...

Any help would be greatly appreciated..right now my regimen looks like this (horrible)

morning: sea breeze 2% saycillic acid (cotton swabs), warm water, cool water

night: cetaphil wash (in shower) saycillic acid, warm water, cool water

I'm anxious to try any ideas you might have :/

Thanks a ton in advance :)

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Noo..I went to the derm, and he perscribed me a generic form of retin-a thats like .001 instead of .004 or whatever...and if I tried to get off that med. and do something else, my mom would say how the derm knows how to treat it better than i do

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Yea..it works some..but whatever it clears up just comes back..I cant remember the last time I was 100 percent clear.

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I'm not trying to sound patronizing but you are only 8th grade, about 13 years old right?

You are still going through puberty.

I think it's very smart that you've started a routine but I think it's too early for oral medication, unless you have severe cystic acne. I had the worse skin than anybody I knew when I was a kid and it wasn't cystic until I hit about 16. There are a whole lot of kids who simply grow out of it and then there are we lucky few who didn't.

That being said, if you continue with a really good skin care regimen, utilize some of the dietary suggestions on this board and take vitamin supplements, I think you might get positive results without having to use Rx meds. If you don't have success with that after giving it a fair try, go to your doctor and see about some topical Rx meds. The doctor might want to do the old standby of pushing antibiotics (which I don't agree with) before recommending something more aggressive, like accutane.

I remember being that age -- I thought parents didn't know shit. But listen to your dad and go to the doctor. At least he is willing to take you and pay for it. I didn't have that luxury. My own family called me names like crater face and pizza face. You should feel lucky he is supportive in helping you out.

If you are female, you shouldn't go on birth control pills so young. If you are guy, disregard the previous sentence.

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