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Has anybody tried cold showers?

Some questions about bathing & temperature  

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  1. 1. What do you use for bathing?

    • Frequently have long hot bath in a tub
    • Usually warm bath in a tub
    • Usually warm shower, rarely use a bathtub
    • Frequently short warm shower
    • Cold shower

Since it is well known that cold shower is very healthy not even for your skin, it would be really interesting to see how you bathe.

If you have severe acne, please send a post as well


It is worth reading how the romans did it. They used different temperatures, and ALWAYS finished in cold water. Why? When you do sauna, you do the same. Both methods are quite old... and healthy???

Bathing: After exercise, bathers would have the dirt and oil scraped from their bodies with a curved metal implement called a strigil. Then the bathing proper began. Accompanied by a slave carrying their towels, oil flasks and strigils, bathers would progress at a leisurely pace through rooms of various temperature. They might start in the warm room (tepidarium), which had heated walls and floors but sometimes had no pool, and then proceed to the hot bath (caldarium), which was closest to the furnace. This room had a large tub or small pool with very hot water and a waist-high fountain (labrum) with cool water to splash on the face and neck. After this the bather might spend some time in the tepidarium again before finishing in the cold room (frigidarium) with a refreshing dip in the cold pool. Other rooms provided moist steam, dry heat like a sauna (laconicum), and massage with perfumed oils.

source: http://www.vroma.org/~bmcmanus/baths.html

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What about showering - hot or cold water?

What applies to taking a bath applies to showering too: no hotter than 36°C. One small tip: the cool stimulation of a cold shower to follow causes the anti-inflammatory agent cortisone to diffuse through the body. Five seconds is enough. Cortisone initiates the healing process and soothes inflammations on the skin.


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this might be a bit off topic...

ive always known warm showers etc are not great for circulation etc. i personally have a hot shower and end with really cold for a while. since ive been doing this my acne has reduced a lot in severity. i think more people should do it. what happens is that your pores open in the warmth so you can clean them... but you should try to close them up by ending in cold (closing pores) so that infective material doesn't get trapped and create pimples.

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