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Hopeful lad


hiya everyone!

I came onto this site back in october time of last year, some may remember my posts.....one of which actually asked what the hell "accutane" that they were all talking about was! Although chances are most of you wont remember, becuase people come onto this site when feeling low and want help with acne (just as I felt in november) -and so you get a continual flow of new people wanting advice.....and those cured of there acne leaving.

I titled one of my posts "dermatoloist appintment tommorow" when i was really worried about that to ecpect etc! It is now the night before my last dermatologist appointment, and I finished my last roaccutane tablet a few days ago.

My acne has cleared up, and im not gwtting any new spots. On the negatuive side, I do have marks, but the derm told me at the appoitmet 2 months agho that they will naturally fade over the next 2 years. (howveer, I kow that im gonna be left with a few scars, but thats fine and better that being the spotty

git i was!).

It may be, and I know it could happen, that in 2 weeks time my spots ahve come back and im gutted. But hopefully it wont come back!

My advice to anyone with acne is tio live normally, go out and do what you always do. I worked in the shop seeing 500 people every saterday, it was horrible, ut now I always get people stelling me how much better it looks which makes it worth it.

Anyway, hopefully onwards and upwards.

all the best.

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Thanks guys.

went well today, bit sad in a funny way to know im not going to the dermatolist clinic again!

Hopefully I wont be going back neither, im really praying it dosn't!


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