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AHA is not a required element

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Clear Dream, I got a chuckle from your post. I tried for years to lobby large manufacturers on behalf of acne.org members and visitors and I always got the same "like I care" response. People at these large companies who answer the phones I think are so far removed from the decision makers that they realize they have no power to make your request a reality. Furthermore, once you do talk to the decision-makers, they are so entrenched in their ways that they tend to discount you.

At any rate, Complex15 was ok this morning. I had to apply some Neutrogena Healthy Skin afterward in a few dry spots, but overall the Complex15 worked ok. But do not be fooled. It is expensive. They charge $7.50 or so, but they only give you 2.5 ounces. It's a clever plan to make it seem inexpensive when in reality it is more expensive than Eucerin, Neutrogena Oil-Free, or Cetaphil. I still might have to recommend it since there's nothin' else, but I'm going to go order the KissMyFace stuff first and try that out.

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I tried the Eucerin Extra Protective. Wow, it was bad, at least with BP. lol. It stayed on my skin and white. I couldn't get it absorbed. Then I woke up this morning and was really dry. So...that's a serious no go. I'm going to try the Complex15 again today. I liked it the last 2 times I tried it. ho dee hum. Anybody else have suggestions on good moisturizers?

I have found Complex 15 to be really nice, light and non-greasy. But it doesn't have AHA so it never got rid of the flakiness like the Eucerin does. Paula's Choice offers an AHA solution, so maybe the combination of that and the Complex 15 would work? Meanwhile, I'm stocking up on the Eucerin. Should be good for a couple years anyway! :dance:

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I did a search and didn't see it mentioned but...

what about Avon's mark. Safety Patrol Protective Moisturizer For Behaving Skin? It doesn't say in the product description if it has an AHA but this part: "improves skin's clarity, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines" makes me think that it might.

I read some reviews online that said the fragrance is strong though :(

Here's the full product description: "Nongreasy face moisturizer with SPF 15. This lightweight lotion improves skin's clarity, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, and protects against the sun. 1.7 fl. oz. $7" [seems expensive for that little].

Anyway, I'm really freaking out about Eucerin discontinuing that moisturizer!!!!! I notice a HUGE difference when I switched to anything else.

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I just remembered that I used Avon's Anew All-in-One Max lotion with the Regimen for probably 6 months last year. It works very well. Is oil-free and non-comedogenic and has spf and glycolic in it, although I'm not sure of the percentage of glycolic, but it is an excellent product. Only drawback is that it is very expensive, $16.50 for a 1.7 oz. bottle!

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Do we know why they discontinued the Eucerin moisturizer?

I really like my moisturizer, but I'm not even gonna bother mentioning the name cause its reeeaaalllyy expensive..and you guys are complaining about $7! lol

(..oh okay well the name is in my sig lol)

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Kupo, How long have you been using it for? Does it work well? Does it ball up? Does it have a fragrance?

lol, sorry for all the question.

I have been using it for almost 2 weeks. For me, it works very well. It made my rough nose and cheekbone area smooth again in 3 days, and let me tell you, it was so so rough. I was very impressed. It does have a slight fragrance. I saw in the store the other day that there is a Dove face moisturizer for sensitive skin which doesn't have a fragrance--haven't tried it myself though. It does not ball up, it goes on very nicely.

It's a little pricey, almost $6.00 a bottle, but you don't have to use all that much at a time. I use a strip of lotion the length of my middle finger, and that covers my whole face.

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Hey all

I thought I'd ad my 2 cents about moisturizers. I've been on the regimen for nearly 3 months and have used three:

Lubriderm spf 15

Kiss My Face Alpha &Aloe

and now

Cetaphil spf 15.

Lubriderm is really cheap, thats why I picked it, but you have to realize its cheap for a reason. Half way in

I added Kiss my Face, which not a bad moisturizer but doesn't protect from the sun so you'll get burnt. I was using it at night for a while (for the AHA ) but the AHA didn't seem to be helping my pimples or redmarks so

I pretty much lost faith in AHA.

Now I'm using Cetaphil. The quality of moisturization is amazing. Going from Lubriderm to this was

quite impressive. Now I feel like I could moisturize once a week with this stuff and be fine (of course I'm using it every morning).

But a word to the wise: Don't switch around moisturizers like this. I'm afraid I've set myself back by switching products, just find a recommended (lubriderm wasn't recommended) moisturizer that works and use it all the way through. Don't let all the posts on the message boards confuse you or throw you off your routine.

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I don't know how old that website is. ^

I believe that is what Eucerin Skin Renewal used to be called, before it was Eucerin Skin Renewal.

I'm wondering if that webpage just was never updated.

Has anyone seen that product in stores or online? That might be our answer right there.

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That seems a little too similar to "our" Eucerin to be a new product. I think it's just an old picture, because it's unlikely that they'd cancel one product just to make a new one exactly like it.

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Yeah, that's the same stuff but they changed the packaging right before they discontinued it.

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Eh, I'll ask one more time..

Do we know why it's been discontinued?

It just doesn't seem like a smart move is so many people seem to really like it..

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It was discontinued for the same reason all products are discontinued--there just wasn't enough demand for it and it wasn't selling as well as the company would like. It seems like it's really popular because Dan strongly recommended it for the longest time, and the people on this site in turn picked it up and raved about how great it was. I guess the people outside this forum just didn't buy it :(

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I wrote Eucerin and this is the reply I got:

"We're sorry to disappoint you, but this product has been discontinued due

to declining distribution and decreasing sales. It is a difficult

decision to discontinue a product, and we sincerely apologize for any

inconvenience this may have caused.Unfortunately, we do not have a product quite like this in our current

line. "

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Here's another vote for the Dove Deep Moisture. Texture is wonderful, goes on after BP very smoothly, and does what it says- moisturizes deeply. I haven't had a problem with flakes or any kind of burning/stinging.

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