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i have to go somewhere.

some kind of medical place to get an physical exam...

oh man...i have to be butt naked front of the doctor. maybe only my boxers on.

how pity.

i'm going to be all embarrassed. ahhhhhhhhhh

how will i bare this!?

well wish me luck, i'll be leaving the house in an hour.


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The doctor is the last person you should be nervous about being naked in front of. She/he has seen it all a million times over, so don't even stress yourself out about it!

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ooo, thats scary. i still remeber the first time i had to get massage. I was pretty much naked.. it was so uncomfortable! So i can relate and wish you luck!

It will be over before you know it.

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since i made a dumb after post about this.

i moved it to here.

well well, the visit went fine.

she reached in some places that was hmmm

let me just say, not smooth. haha

it was all cool.

but the thing i noticed was, when she was looking at me, i couldnt really look at her eye to eye. i always stared the other way, responding questions.

oh boy how this factor as ruined me. but out of the blues, she asked me, if i liked computers and if i was good at it. jeeze maybe she thought was a computer geek, with acne.

although they kind of link. i was dissapointed. well good night all you guys. may god bless you.

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