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Some background:

I have had mild-moderate acne since about the age of 12. My dermatologist prescribed me various topicals over the years and they would suppress my acne but it never went away. I've been on accutane twice, both times they cleared me up 100% - the first time when I was 15 and the second time when I was 17. The second round kept me clear for almost a year, but I recently got a bad outbreak (long explanation.) It was not bad enough for an accutane prescription, but I needed to "one-up" my treatment from Oxy Pads.

So now it's back to tazorac, which I've been using for almost 6 weeks with 50 mg spiranolactone. It's definitely working. I have used tazorac before, but looking back I used it incorrectly (skipping days when my skin got better, not using moisturizer, using a huge glob instead of pea-size amount, etc...)

Some things I noticed:

- My initial breakout happened around the 3rd or 4th week. Probably got 2-3 big pimples and a couple small under-the-skin ones and whiteheads. They are all totally gone by now. My derm gave me a short round of prednisone at the beginning to help reduce redness and inflammation. I can't tell if it made a difference but it didn't hurt. I'm going through another breakout now, but it's much smaller and just 3-4 pimples near my chin. Otherwise my face is clear.

- The pimples that I leave alone go away much faster than the ones I pop.

- No trouble with flaking or reddening (I apply cetaphil after washing.)

- The pimples leave red marks which is annoying, but I'd rather have those than zits.

My derm also said full results can't be seen until 2 or 3 months, so I have some time to wait. I don't know if this'll clear me up like Accutane, but hopefully it'll at least keep the acne under control.

Hope this post helps.

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